Many people who live in apartments crave to have something green in our home, a little piece of nature in the sea of gray. Unfortunately, in this age of fast living, it is hard to find the time to tend to the plants properly or some people simply don’t have luck with plants and nothing that they plant would grow. One solution is to choose the right plant, one that requires very little maintenance, like the succulent, cactus or an air plant and if you’re looking for a way to incorporate a plant in your modern interior, you will love the look of a terrarium. A nicely arranged terrarium will not only brighten your home but it can also make a lovely decor or centerpiece. So, make yourself a lush terrarium by following these 10 easy tutorials.

Butter Dish Terrarium

When you’retrying out a new project it is always good to use what you already have. For a terrarium, any glass container will do, but if you’re looking for a more eye catching closed terrarium, here is how you can make it in your old glass butter dish.

Chemistry Flask Terrarium

Chemistry flask terrarium

Maybe you’ve had a chemistry set growing up and now is somewhere collecting dust. Here is your chance to get yourself a nice decor piece and use that beaker once again for a different type of chemistry and create this chemistry flask terrarium.

Tilted Cube Terrarium

tilted cube terrarium

For those who love to work with metal, here is a welding project with a softer and gentler look. You can make this stunning tilted cube and turn it into a terrarium that at the same time will fill in and free the space in your apartment.

Light Bulb Terrarium

light bulb terrarium

If you’re going o bring some greenery into your home, then make it green, as in eco-friendly. Reuse your burnt out light bulbs and make as many of these adorable mini terrariums. They will even make a nice place holders or party favots for special events.

Apothecary Jars Terrarium

apothecary jars terrarium

The apothecary jars in your home are most likely used for keeping candy, cookies or perhaps sugar. If you have a spare jar, use it for something healthy and more pleasing to the eye like this apothecary jar terrarium that can be opened or closed, you decide.

Easy Water Terrariums

easy water terrariums

Are you always forgetting to water your plant? Then this water terrarium will definitely solve that problem. Get yourself a water plant, some sand and pebbles and you too can have terrarium that will make a splash hit as a table decor piece.

Antique Lantern Terrarium

antique lantern terrarium

When you stumble upon an antique oil lantern at a flee market or a garage sail, don’t just leave it there. You can use it to make something beautiful, like this hanging cage-like terrarium. And if you can’t find a lantern, terrariums in these and similar shapes are available in certain stores or on-line.

Tillandsia Terrariums

tillandsia terrariums

Tillandsia, also known as an air plant is a perfect choice for terrarium for the forgetful busy-bodies who still want to have plants in their homes. By placing them in small jars and with some colorful seeds or soil, you can have a lush miniature garden for the office, as a gift or a thoughtful party favor.

Hanging Glass Terrarium

hanging glass terrarium

This hanging glass terrarium dipped in sea-blue paint, filled with each sand and air plants is perfect if you love the beach and want to bring a piece of it in your minimalist decorated modern home. And the ornament stand creates a dreamy, floating effect that will calm you every time you gaze upon it.

DIY Terrarium

diy terrarium

We hope that our terrarium suggestions so far have inspired you to make one yourself. To end our list, we’d like to remind you that absolutely any glass container will serve nicely for bringing a piece of nature to your home. So take your glass fruit bowls, mismatched wine glasses, pitchers and whatever glassware you can find, some soil, pebbles and plants and fill your home with terrariums.