Receive friends this summer? What a great idea! Do you like beautiful tables inviting, but you might miss some time! Here are 10 ideas very accessible, both in terms of their preparation and their costs, which will create the atmosphere for sure when all your summer entertaining.

1. As a mark-up, enter the name of the guests on rollers with a polished black marker table (art supply store) or use white chalk to write on unpolished pebbles.

2. Use the good old preserve jars “Masson” you make lanterns. Simply drop off a little sand at the bottom, then a candle. Place in then around the yard: drop-in in flower beds around the pool, on the table and even hung in trees. Over there, the greater the effect will be enchanting at night.

3. You want a pretty table decoration made ​​quickly? Put simply coconuts in a nice big plate or bowl and garnish with a few flowers only. You can do the same with fresh lemons or limes, to taste!

4. A wooden clothespin, decorated with a flower or a leaf freshly plucked from your garden will be perfect for pinch the napkin on the edge of the plate.


5. Collect your cans of different sizes. Remove the labels and make your own candles at the inside. Once grouped and placed in a tray, they illuminate your best evenings.

6. You receive many guests? Take your wheelbarrow garden, fill it with ice cubes and place them your bottles (soda, beer) Placed in the shade under a tree, it will be transformed into ideal cooler without having spent any money.

7. Why not get back the long branches that you cut your shrubs? Grouped long and placed in vases, these bunches of branches adorn perfectly terrace. You can also file at the bottom of vases, a trim as pebbles, shells, sand or lemons.

8. You can enter the menu chalked on a slate. You will easily find in the shops that sell ceramics (about $ 5 for a square of 12” X 12”).

9. You want to offer a small gift to your guests? For pennies, you can get seed packets. knotted a pretty ribbon, these bags are an inexpensive small gift that will please for sure.

10. What’s more summery than filing utensils in outdoor stoneware pots! Soon expensive, stoneware pots are perfect for outdoor tables and are useful for utensils, napkins rolled, straws. Decorated and garnished with leaves, flowers or fruit, they become decorations table of choice.

11. You have a cheese plate? Enter the name of cheese on small wooden sticks (like “Pop century”) and sew them directly into the cheese. You can also use a slate to file your cheeses and write the name in chalk next to it.

12. If you have pots, vases or bowls surplus, you can easily make water gardens in pots. It’s easy! You simply fill the pot or vase of water, then drop off a few leaves, flowers or petals. In the evening, add floating candles. You see, the result is magical when it brings together several pots of different sizes.