Decorate the kitchen and elegantly decorated, it is important especially if it is an environment with an adjoining living area. In addition to furniture, we can intervene with different decorating techniques that relate to the walls. In this guide, in this respect, we provide 3 ideas for decorating kitchen. If the room is tiled, the ideal is to create on the surface of appropriate decorations, especially when it comes in solid colors. In this case, we can buy decals to be affixed staggered over a number of tiles, and then fix them thoroughly with a brush dipped in paint finish transparent.


A second idea relates to any storage walls or dividing walls between the kitchen and the rest of the environment. In this case on the wall surface, instead of the use of the tiles, it can decorate with an effect fake stone or brick. To do this, just draw with a pencil of irregular shapes which resemble ellipses and trapezoids, then paint with light brown, ivory, gray and faded green, a decision to alternate the colors, finishing the edges of each stone with a permanent marker white. When the work is finished decoupage, the following shall be applied with a brush of flatting glossy transparent or opaque. In the case of the brick procedure is the same, so just draw the rectangular shapes, giving it the classic staggered laying, shall immediately after you finish the edges with a black marker, and colored bricks with the fake powder dissolved in water reddish typical stoneware, then applying also in this case, the flatting color protection.

The third idea to decorate the environment cuisine, is to add the false ceiling beams that are easily achievable with solid wood, available in round and rectangular strips in the centers for the DIY, or trunks with plastic-coated fiberglass, so perfect also to highlight the natural grain of the wood. These are also available in the centers for the do-it-yourself, and are easy to apply, since they have a special fiche for hanging objects. This type of kitchen decor, it is particularly suitable for those rustic or masonry, and are therefore ideal for the typical dark brown chestnut .