Nothing can replace the happiness that comes with a small oasis of privacy at home. A place to retreat, away from view and buzzing around. Whether alone, with family members or with friends, we all want to enjoy an outdoor space in peace. As residential land are becoming smaller, the screen is a winning choice for you hide from your neighbors. Here are five practical design ideas and beautiful!

In Asian

he innovative design of this curtain wall was inspired by an Asian decorative trellis made of woven willow branches. To add a twist to your decor, or even create true masterpieces, do not hesitate to flush this kind of ornament in a wooden screen. Thus, the entire structure of your windbreak wall on which requires a robust contrast of light crafts.

Through the window

The stained glass is gaining popularity in the gardens. Dare to break through fences, screens and walls to insert his superb works of art. This is obviously a wonderful way to let a little light on your terrace while maintaining your privacy. A whole new atmosphere will emerge in your backyard when the sun hit the stained glass.


Sheltered home in style

Side yards and sides of the house are often narrow and difficult to manage. Use screens or fences to enhance the visual aspect of these plots. The addition of a small porthole-shaped window has completely changed the look of this screen. Architectural details reminiscent of the patio located in the backyard. The display thus provides a visual link between this area and removed the rest of the landscaping.

Romanticism to go

This screen is very simple built from prefabricated wooden lattice. The addition of a triangular pergola allows you to stabilize the whole in strong winds in addition to increasing the warmth of your landscape. What appears to be of wrought iron in the center of the screen is actually a piece of PVC. This insertion forms a happy marriage with wood, and at a low price! She added at the same time delicacy, refinement and romance to your landscape.

City Court

Urban styling the garden adjacent to a townhouse is the look exotic. The reception on the terrace is an original with a screen of wooden slats. Vary the lengths of the strips for a disparate impact and unique. Not only this screen allows a separation between the terrace and the house, but also between different parts of the installation. You can then isolate your reading corner in your dining area.