The bedroom of boys plays an important role in the lives of children that grow there. It is a place of relaxation, safety, play and usually also of the study. It is therefore a local who assumes various functions. For this reason it must decorate the environment in such a way as to reflect all the necessities . Decorating a small room does not require a huge effort in economic terms. In fact, we can find plenty of good ideas at low cost and good taste. Here we discover at least five of the most essential. Lets talk about 5 ideas for decorating a small bedroom.

small bedroom

The desk is an essential element in decorating a small bedroom . For not taking up too much space us choose a small. Here children can study or draw. Will be able to write or use a computer, if old enough. We choose model and color according to the rest of the furniture. With it also will purchase an office chair suitable for children.

The library is functional to the study and cultural growth of the boys. They come in many sizes and shapes. For children we might choose a library very colorful and nice. For older children we can opt for a modern, consistent with the rest of the room. It’s a good idea to choose a style identical to that of the desk. The two cabinets have to cover the same area of ​​the room, creating a “study area”.

The carpet , the curtains together, is an object that fills the room. From more character and personality. It is an element on which to be careful in case of allergy to mites. But if we do not have this problem, we can point to any type of tissue. Children will love getting out of bed on a carpet of superheroes. Older children may prefer other types of subjects. Even the carpet must comply with a certain color consistency with the rest of the environment. Match it to the color of the curtains creates a good visual impact.

Quilts can be solid, multicolored or with different patterns. Decorating a small room requires a good taste in the choice of the elements to the bed. In this specific case we can seek the advice of the boys. They too have their personal tastes, so it’s not a bad idea to involve them in the choices. We rely on the usual however consistency between the colors of the entire room.