Cure to perfection our home, it is something of vital importance if we want our home is always nice and cozy. For example, if we have a large bathroom and spacious , it will be essential furnish in the best way. In this guide we will see in fact 5 ideas to decorate a very spacious bathroom .


If we want our bathroom is always a beautiful and welcoming place , we will have to paint the walls using light colors. For example, we can paint the walls yellow, light blue, white or violet. Avoid using dark colors such as colors, they could make our bathroom a sad, dark and above all a bit ‘dark. We can also adopt the technique of Venetian plaster to paint a more accurate that the walls.

If our bathroom is very large, to make it more beautiful and attractive, we can set the pictures that we love on the walls, the suggestion is to use only beautiful and striking paintings that know how to value properly all the ‘environment. Maybe we can hang on the walls faithful reproductions of the paintings of our favorite artist.

Because the bathroom is very large and spacious, we can use to furnish the furniture very large and spacious. For example, we can place in the bathroom an elegant wardrobe in which to put the towels and some cosmetics such as our shampoo and our balms. In addition, we can also be placed in a bath tub and a sink of large dimensions without any problems of space. Using furniture large and spacious , we will make our bathroom not only a pleasant place to be seen, but also a very pleasant place to stay and where to pass the magical moments.

Also important is to mount the large windows and spacious in our bathroom. By installing large windows and spacious premetteremo light to enter the perfection in our bathroom and we will make the bathroom the same place a lot brighter. If we have a chance at the bathtub, we can be mounted on a ceiling window, large and spacious , so when we do the bathroom at night, we will also see the stars.