After several years with the same decor, the same colors and with the same accessories, the desire to change a bit ‘style home is getting stronger. After a little time in fact, to restore life to your home, it is important to renew the look and style of your own apartment inventing the original ideas and inexpensive that can create a new atmosphere to the environment. Here, then, 5 graceful and original ideas low cost to renovate the house.

renovate the house

The first idea that makes it alive again and the environment of your home , is the change in color of the walls . Totally changed the colors of the rooms and enlivened the apartment with modern colors that tend to light gray, dark gray and amaranth. The atmosphere of a house with it a radical change of colors, can really take life and become another home. Do not call a painter, but equip yourself with a brush, roller and color and get busy. The second idea that can really change the style, is to line the sofa with a new upholstery. Buy a cloth in a market that you match the new color of the walls of your home and renew your sofas. Take the old shape of your sofa covers and sewn with much patience.

The third idea to renovate the house, is to dye your old brown furniture creating a style shabby chic. Illuminate the house with white furniture, make the bright, modern and completely new. You just need to supply the right equipment (brush, color, palette knife, sandpaper) to have a completely new style. The fourth idea low cost , is to change the old curtains of the house. Put the light curtains or similar to the color of the walls makes the rooms bright and manages to renovate a house. There are different types of tents that you can purchase in the economic centers of wholesale furniture spread throughout Italy.

The latest idea low cost, is to change all the accessories for the home. Put the new paintings, prints, vases with fresh flowers, new carpet and you will see how the house will completely change appearance. you will think to enter a new house full of color and vitality. With small measures and spending little money, you can not really change their apartment making it much more comfortable and much more modern.