When you decide to go to live alone, to go to live or marry definitely furnish their future home is always a lot of fun stage . Then surely anyone who has found himself having to buy furniture and various household, will surely happen to find themselves in trouble with the choice of lights . The lights are an important element in a home, not only serve to enlighten, but also help to complement and enhance the decor. There are also different types of light: There are those cold and warm ones. Important factor in lighting is the placement. Combining all these factors together so you can recreate different environments. Sometimes thanks to lighting you can make it look like a bigger room than what it really is. So below we will see together 5 ideas to position the lights in the living room.

the lights

The living room is definitely one of the rooms more experienced than the kitchen. So it is important that this room is well-lit. If natural light is not enough try to place light sources like ceiling lights , reading lights in the most shady and that does not come natural light.

If you love to read and I like to do it on the couches in the living room you’ll need a proper lighting because the eyes do not strive. So if you have for instance two couches that form a L you may place a floor lamp with curved arm arc. This will help you to have a direct light on the book. Also this type of lighting is very decorative.

If between the two sofas have a low table , it would be ideal for a light. Of course the lampshade should combine well with the rest of the furniture. Alternatively if you have a low table, but still would like to place a lighting element between the two sofas, you can buy a simple stand . Also in this case it will still have to adapt to the style of the room.

Another problematic factor at the level of illumination can be the slope of the roof. If you live in a house attic and then in your roofs are sloped, of course you can not easily place a ceiling roof or other types of chandeliers. Ideally, then place the spotlight on the walls higher and them straight to the part of the sloping roof. This will help you to create a pleasant diffused light.

Another idea truly original but effective for perfect lighting in the living room are the lights on the floor . Sometimes it is possible, in fact, install the lights on the floor. These will make your stay even more warm and welcoming.