Living in the city often means owning a plot of limited size and live too close to neighbors. If this describes you, know that it is possible to have a nice green area away from neighbors in your backyard.Get inspired by these five gardens in town welcoming you to create an oasis of peace!

Elegant and classic

To bring rhythm to your garden, have fun playing with the circular forms. In this garden, the terrace of the curves are reflected on the wall and shrubbery, such waves. If your garden is confined between three walls (the house, the building from the bottom and the nearby garage), know to take advantage of the situation by hiding using trellis, for example, or enhancing them by including a pretty flowerbed flowered.



This court has been lengthened thought to receive friends for a chat in the afternoon or for a drink in the evening. Despite the limited space, do not hesitate to create different zones in your garden.
A large section of lawn is replaced by a wooden deck and grooved concrete slabs of gray bordered white gravel. The bed of mixed perennial impresses with its harmonious blend of both and adventurous.

Floral explosion

Like the garden, plant a large quantity of flowers to take advantage of all the space allocated. Fill your landscape with vines, roses, a small vegetable garden, an herb garden and fruit trees. This garden is proof that it is possible to realize a dream space in a place as small as 20 square meters!

With ease

A terrace surrounded by flowers, a dining area outside and fresh herbs at your fingertips … What more? This small courtyard gives no guess she is right in the heart of the city. The refreshing atmosphere to it creates is perfect for you to cut the outside world. To bring a small side unique decor, dress fences or Virginia creeper, hang spider plants to trees. The effect is breathtaking!

Memories of East

Filled with statues, pots and exotic plants, this garden dominated by a giant tree is reminiscent of the warm and humid southern Asia. To give a tropical side to your patio, offer generous ferns and exotic plants. Also add large wooden flower boxes that allow the approaches to greening your home.