The warm sunshine invite us to spend our days out of the house in the courtyard. But to make it enjoyable, it is still necessary that it be inviting. The shelters built in the backyard are useful when Mother Nature is capricious. Although the August draw soon retires, there is still time to turn your living space and to extend the summer. Here is an overview of various garden structures.


This construction consists of poles or columns upon which the beams and joists to create an open roof. The pergola can define a space of a meal or rest area, a driveway or decorate and serve as a place of passage. It often becomes a support for climbing plants and foliage becomes opaque roof protecting you from adverse effects of temperature. Among his faithful companions include the grapevine, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy. It is easy to be tempted and to escape in a beautiful environment!



Smaller dimensions than the pergola, arbor adopts the same principles of construction, that is to say, it is open to roof and often consists of trellis. The arbor opens onto a garden or mark a transition point of a garden space to another. Like the pergola, gazebo frequently hosts the vines like climbing roses, honeysuckle and clematis climbing with large flowers. This arbor also plays a screen with its high doors that make it invisible to passers activities taking place in the garden.


The arch is very close to the arbor and are often confused. The bottom line is that if there is a circular arch through which you can spend, it is an arch. The dimensions and shapes can vary greatly from one model to another. This beautiful arch surrounded by huge red cedar spruce invites us to discover a fairy garden.


The gazebo is a structure generally mild with four poles and a canvas roof. The pavilion may be a temporary structure. Most houses have an aluminum structure easy to disassemble and store for winter, so this is a temporary structure. A paved terrace has been specially equipped to receive this elegant gazebo. A real show will be deployed with chairs, coffee table and rocking chairs.


Often hexagonal or octagonal shape, the gazebo is provided with a roof and is generally open at the sides. This is the perfect place to stay outside away from the rain. Sometimes it is embellished with balustrades and screens. See how simple lines and the lattice spacing of the slats to give it a gazebo Asia.