Today, the patio looks like a real living space. In the contemporary developments, it serves as outdoor room which hosts countless meals or evenings with friends and family. Generally, the patio includes a rest area capable of receiving armchairs and a dining area furnished with a table, chairs and barbecue. If space permits, allow an area for a home, planting trays, a hammock or spa. Get inspired by these five models patios that can be adapted to the particular characteristics of your home and your environment.

Patio at angles

Reflecting this patio, divide the surface of your building on different levels. Each of the activities you want for your backyard and can be integrated into it. You can also define areas for rest and meals while benefiting from shady corners and other sunnier.

Between Heaven and Earth

You can make the most of space on uneven ground there in landscaping a patio levels. Since each platform has a defined role, you will avoid congestion and enjoy your outdoor living space in peace!


Stamp East

Add a touch of originality to your outdoor environment by choosing a theme for the design of your patio. For example, the simple, horizontal repeat of this patio characteristics of Japanese architecture and blends perfectly with Japanese-style garden. The lanky guard itself as an important element.

Pleasant evenings

This patio is unusual unusual to integrate a corner fireplace in the center. Upon nightfall, stands with his lowering himself into a warm area very popular remedy for the cool evening. By locating such a patio, you will create the perfect place for relaxation and meetings with family or friends.

Taming the slopes

In this arrangement built on different levels, each area becomes a real viewpoint. Steps and walls are made of prefabricated blocks embankments. Feel free to use these concrete products that offer more freedom than wood and can play with the curved lines when planning a terrace.