The kitchen is the home environment that you live better. The kitchen is the place where housewives and those involved in the preparation of meals spend more time. The kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers for meals, especially breakfast. The kitchen is the room where conviviality reigns. The kitchen has bought a lot more value from when it is put in communication with the environment of the dining room – living room, the so-called open space . Precisely for this reason, the original kitchen should reflect your way of being, no longer hidden from the eyes of those living in the house and guests.

On the contrary, the kitchen is now the first environment that is visible at the entrance of your home. For this reason, the kitchen must be neat, clean, bright and welcoming. In this guide you will find five simple ideas to make your original kitchen.

original kitchen

The first idea to make your kitchen the original starring color. Everyone has his favorite color, the color that makes cheerful and relaxed. The kitchen being the most frequented place, must have the color that best reflects you. The color of the kitchen should be in tune with your mood and with the decor chosen by you. The color yellow is the most versatile because it combines easily with both light and dark of the kitchen furniture. But it is not very suitable for a kitchen with lacquered doors of colors reddish and orange. Are you want a relaxing color, yet vital, choose green. Being a natural color connects the inside of your home to the outside. If you are an optimistic person choose orange.

Being a very intense color only use it with furniture of very light color, preferably white. Are you stressed by the daily routine and want a little ‘relaxation? For your kitchen choose blue. Being a very soothing color is used for the environments of the sleeping area. If you are a woman creative and imaginative your color is purple. Resume this shade in accessories and fabrics to make cooking an environment stimulating. If you want a stylish kitchen, the right color is gray. Here you can gamble with accessories and fabrics in tones very bright and determined. As an alternative to all colors is white, which gives the place a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

The furniture elements are the components that allow you to give a more personal and creative touch to your kitchen. Through the technique of creative recycling, now in vogue, you can create cutlery or other containers to be shown on the shelves and shelves of the kitchen leaving them exposed. Great role in the kitchen have fabrics, curtains and tablecloths. In a kitchen in neutral colors can give a touch of color with its own tissues, without fear of exaggeration. Put your cups and dishes colored view will make your kitchen original and creative.

Hit of the moment are the blackboards in the kitchen. A very original idea to remember important things, pinning the menu of the day, the shopping list, or leave a message cute loved ones. With blackboard finish we can treat the door of the kitchen, or a portion of the wall of the kitchen. The chalkboard paint is sold at stores in painting but also to “do it yourself”. Just some colored chalk and your creativity to make the original kitchen.