When you put your home up for sale you probably want a quick and stress- free sale. This is now easier than ever before, thanks to slick websites which take you through every step of the process. However, there are still some old fashioned mistakes which you really need to avoid making if you want to sell your property.

Wildly Overprice It

Clearly you want to get as much as possible for the house, and you will have a good idea how much your property is really worth in today’s market. However, there is a big difference between asking for a fair price and wildly over-pricing it. Anyone who comes across your property and sees a ridiculous asking price is either going to be put off right away or might have their expectations raised unrealistically, expecting all sorts of luxury features for the price you are asking for.

Use the Wrong Pictures

If you are going to market your property on the internet with a site such as propertynetwork.net then the right pictures can help you sell it far more easily. The people who are searching for somewhere new to live want to be impressed and they want to see pictures of impeccable living rooms and impressive gardens. The flip side of this is that photos with piles of dirty laundry in it or of outdated carpets and wallpapers are going to put people right off the place before they even find out anymore.

Don’t Tidy It Up

A big mistake which a lot of homeowners make when trying to make a sale is that they neglect to give the house a really thorough clean. What you need to remember is that while it is up for sale you need to act as though you are living in a spotless show home. This might mean getting up early or staying up late in order to let it looking perfect but if you do this right then it will be reflected in the price you receive. Of course, the better you do this then the less likely the property is to be on the market for very long anyway.

Let the Dog Run Wild

Ideally, you will have somewhere else you can send your pets to while you are trying to sell the place. Even if you own the most adorable dog in the world his mere presence is going to be off putting for potential buyers. They aren’t going to only see his lovely eyes and his wagging tail; they might get nervous and they are going to smell that unmistakable dog smell and start looking for hair in the carpet and on the furniture. It doesn’t really make sense that they should be put off in this way – it’s not as if the dog is part of the deal – but this is how it works.

Ignore the Smells

Every home has certain smells in it but not all of these smells will be enticing to the people thinking f buying it. Freshly filtered coffee and recently baked bread a couple of winners in the odour stakes, while cigarette smoke and pets are a couple of the things to avoid. Just as you clean it every day it is on the market, you should also be sure to let fresh air in and avoid nasty odours