Many people love doing their own repairs to electrical gadgets or devices. It’s OK for those who know all about electrics. However if a little unsure, here are five tips to repair devices without any personal damage to oneself or to the device.


  1. Don’t use force – if a component seems to be stuck, pulling it viciously definitely won’t help. Never force a part out of an electrical device. Make sure to inspect the device thoroughly looking for burn marks, discoloration, anything out of place or visible damage. Go back to the power source, this is where the problem may be.
  2. Keep tiny screws all together – screws no matter what their size are easy to lose. Use a magnetic project mat or screw tray to keep screws all together. Take photos of the process of taking apart a device so it’s easier to get it back all in one piece so everything’s in the right place.
  3. Adhesives – many devices often have thermal pads, double sticky tape and glue inside. Gently peel the adhesive off or use a heat gun to soften the glue. Don’t yank one bit of the unit from the other as it may never go back together again. Use a lint free cloth or Q-tip dipped in a chemical adhesive remover to make the job simpler.
  4. Be patient – take some time trying to suss out the problem with a device to avoid damaging it. Ask for help if need be.
  5. Stay safe – remember to unplug the power cable before attempting any kind of repair to an electrical device. Take note that capacitors store charge and are part of the circuitry. Getting an electrical shock from a capacitor isn’t pleasant, although not fatal. Always use a capacitor discharge tool before starting a repair.

Above all, enjoy doing a little repair work. It’s so rewarding especially when the device or unit starts to work again through all the effort.

Ask professional electricians for help if a little unsure

There are professional electrical companies on the net that can carry out repairs on big jobs. Small projects are fine for those who know about electrics but use experts for more complex work for instance:-

  • Data and phone cabling
  • Repairs to gas and electric appliances such as cook tops, ovens, steam ovens and coffee makers
  • Commercial electrical problems
  • Rewiring

Companies like Thornbury electricians Perth have many years of experience in electrics. Expect cost-effective and safe solutions to all electrical problems are met whether it’s a broken washing machine, fridge, dish washer or cooker.

If unsure, never take any risks with electrics, there’s no need to. Always leave electrical work, no matter how large or small, in the hands of the professionals.