Of all the rooms of the house, the bathroom is maybe what we need to have more care and attention. It’s the most used by those who live in the house, but is also at the service of the guests. For this reason it must be clean. The shower, in addition to its main function, has become a piece of furniture . As such, it needs constant care and maintenance. So let’s see together 5 tips to keep the shower clean.

shower clean

Our hair is renewed every day and it can happen to lose a little ‘ hair . It mostly happens during the shampoo . When showering, we lose a lot of hair and these easily reach the drain. Worry then remove them to make it appear immediately shower cleaner. The use of a strainer on we will further facilitate the work. This fact brings together all the hair, long and short is that, by preventing clogging the pipes. After the shower, just take them off and throw them in the trash, not to need a plumber.

The main source of the dirty shower are traces of soap and foam. During the shower it is impossible to avoid soiling the doors of the box with cleaning agents for the body and hair. So how does one avoid this? The solution exists and is very practical for everyone. Just because simply rinse the leaves of the box before leaving the shower. The water will take away the soap from the shower , avoiding deposits and patinas. Neglecting this step, in the long run it becomes increasingly difficult to remove them from the box shower.

The limestone from the water is deposited on the metal parts and ceramic, damaging the surfaces of the shower beyond repair . Limestone is a component of the water current that over time, drop after drop, is deposited forming encrustations. The concentrations of limestone depend on the water hardness. To avoid the formation of these deposits close correctly the water taps after use. This solution also helps to conserve this valuable resource and to have a substantial savings in the bill. While the incrustations of small entity can be removed with natural products, those most stubborn require specific products.