If our house is not big enough, especially the room in which we live for longer hours, it’s no despair; In fact, there are some tricks which are very simple that prove functional, and they seem larger than the real ones. In this regard, here is a list, which lists five tricks to make a room look bigger.


The walls of a room, if accompanied by mirrors placed at the four sides, give the impression of being in a wider and deeper. This solution is ideal because of a very small room, with a window that can not be adequately reflect sunlight, that too small compared to the environment. Thanks to the mirrors, this condition is able to be optimized.

If also the ceiling is rather low and the space so permits, it eliminate the contraindication be it of cloth or other materials, and position another at the level of the floor above . Also, if it is an old house , so with beams of wood, then leaving them to view, not only gain in height, but we can also get an elegant rustic design in the room.

Even the tiles can play their role in a small room if properly laid; In fact, if we arrange next to each other, the overall picture is rather narrow, but if we do, however, the joints angled between each tile you buy a greater depth, and makeup to make her look bigger managed to perfection . If then it is a kitchen or the bathroom environment, the same type of installation is also suitable for the wall covering.

If the room is already small enough and we put a number of furniture, it happens that the space available to move is reduced to a flicker . To solve the problem in a simple and functional, then it should instead support the furniture on the walls , dig the niches where derive libraries, beliefs and even corners for all audiovisual media such as computers, television and DVD. In this way, a desk and a sofa with armchairs , make them look good, in a space not so small especially in the visual and aesthetic.

A room already small and painted with dark paint, does nothing but make it even more cramped. To solve the problem, it is not appropriate to use light colors like classic black, pink, light blue or emerald green. All these pastel shades, give it light and depth, so they are just perfect for a rather small room. Also to be avoided are geometrical drawings unless they are different, such as circles instead of squares or rectangles. Finally, the old stucco, with its characteristic nuances, is able to optimize the result, and then make a small room visually larger.