How efficient you are throughout the day has a lot to do with how your work space is organized. A well decorated space has the power to inspire and make even the most mundane of tasks bearable. For that reason, your home office furniture is very important and can be very influential in regard to your productivity. The desk, in particular, plays a crucial role in any office space, especially one at home. It should be comfortable, functional and inspirational. Finding the right desk to fit your home office can be a difficult and an expensive task. Luckily for you many DIY solutions exist to fit anybody’s needs. So if you are interested in a practical and beautiful desk for your home office but don’t want to spend too much money on it, check out these great ideas and create one yourself.

Pallet Table Desk

pallet table desk

If you are lucky enough to have a wide and open space at your disposal for a home office then this might be just the desk for you. The warm wooden desk makes for a pretty cozy office environment. All you need now is a comfortable chair and you can get to work.

Corner Desk

corner desk

Corner desks are very practical when it comes to fitting as much as you can in the smallest space possible. This desk is not the best choice if your job involves lots of papers or office supplies since it doesn’t have any drawers. But that is also one of the perks of this table because the lack of drawers really opens up the office space.

Practical Wooden Desk

Here is a highly practical desk that could work not only as a workstation but also as a makeup table. It’s a bit of an advanced project, but if you possess the skills you should definitely make it. The desk has many compartment which can be used in whatever way envisioned.

Home Office Furniture Modern Desk

home office furniture

Make a pretty and functional desk out of an old night table and a desktop. We just love how the rustic wooden drawers look against the white modern desktop. It’s the perfect combination of old and new. And with such a chic workstation we are sure that you will be inspired everyday.

Recycled Computer Desk

Here is another desk that is space-generous and it’s made out of a recycled, old, closet door. Isn’t that just great? So, if you are looking for a pretty desk that is narrow in depth but long in width then take on this project and enrich your home office with a wonderful and functional desk.

Rolling Pipe Desk

rolling pipe table

Rolling desk are practical for obvious reasons. And this one is not only practical but also the antiqued effect on the metal and wood make it look really amazing. Make the most of your home office furniture space and create this handy desk that can be moved anywhere in the room just by releasing the caster locks.

Sawhorse Desk

sawhorse desk

Create a beautiful wooden desk that won’t take too much space. Making this desk can really make your home office come together and inspire you on future project. And the sawhorse stricture looks really interesting and out of the ordinary.