It is hard to replace the furniture items in our home frequently, simply because they tend to cost a lot more then the smaller decorative objects. Sometimes our home could really use some refreshing purely for aesthetic reasons and sometimes for pure necessity, and even then we choose the cheaper furniture instead of the one we truly like.

But, if you’re handy with power tools you could make some unique pieces of your own and you can save even more money if you repurpose other old objects, like for example a wooden cable spool. You can take this disposable object and turn it into some pretty fun and elegant items, like a mobile bookcase or an ottoman or cable spool bar table.

Whatever you want and it will cost you next to nothing. Want to know how you can repurpose a wooden industrial spool? Then take a look at these 7 stunning DIY projects.

Electrical Spool Stools

It is always good to have some extra stools around for when a lot of your friends come to hang out and there isn’t enough space on the sofa. Make as many spool stools as you want by repurposing smaller wooden spools, and using some foam padding, paint and fabric.

Cable Spool Ottomans

spool furniture

After a long day’s work, nothing is better then putting your legs up while sitting in your favorite comfortable chair.If you don’t have where to prop your feet, then you need an ottoman and here is a version of a spool ottoman that you will absolutely love.

Spool Side Table

spool furniture

Every descent sofa needs a side table. Whether you admit it or not it is a practical piece of furniture. With a wooden spool, some rope and a coat of paint and you can make a side table that designers sell for hundreds of dollars and you can have it for less then 10 bucks.

Wooden Spool Book Mobile


Book lovers with smaller living spaces will love this practical two-in-one project. From a single cable spool you can get not only a great coffee table, but also a place to stash your books or magazines and all that on wheels, so you can move it around more easily.

Cable Spool Bar Table

spool furniture

Having a bar is a nice way to show off your rare bottles of alcoholic beverages or for throwing the craziest parties among your friends. You can make your own liquor bar for your next party with a spool and this clever spool mini bar tutorial.

Spool Computer Table

spool furniture

Computers have become part of our lives and we can’t seem to stop using them for every single thing. When your job requires sitting long hours at the computer, then you need a comfortable and spacious computer table and yours can be awesome despite being made from cable spool.

Garden Spool Rocking Chair And Table

Get a few wooden spools and try making this absolutely adorable rocking chair or a chic table . They will transform the overall look of your garden or home and give it a more rustic feel. Even if you don’t need a new table, who can resist the soothing rhythm of a spacious rocking chair?

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