A holiday that celebrates our Mother Earth and the day when we support environmental protection and raise environmental awareness. An event that we need to celebrate every day, the whole year long, but unfortunately only few of us do so even today. Our lives have become driven by routines, always on the fast track of the rat race, so we forget to stop and look around, feel the wind and smell the roses. So today, for all those who live in the gray, cold cities, bring a piece of nature in your home in a way that will be eco-friendly, yet modern DIY at the same time. A great idea is to make yourself a hanging planter from recyclable materials and here we have the perfect 7 tutorials to do just that.

Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden

modern DIY

Plastic bottles are one of the most common household item that you can recycle by throwing them in the proper place or using them in countless useful objects, like these darling gilded hanging gardens, made from the bottom half of the bottle, some rope and spay paint.

Coconut Modern DIY Hanging Planter

modern DIY

The coconut has many health and beauty benefits and now you can also add home decor to it. Use the coconut shell that you were intending to throw, will it with soil, add some seeds and paint the coconut and you have a rustic and green hanging planter.

Colorful Hanging Window Planters

modern DIY

Old doilies are usually placed under a flower pot, but now you can use them as a sling for your eco-friendly hanging planter. The intricate pattern of the doily will give you a truly unique look to the dull jar or plastic cup that will be your flower pot.

Old Candle Holder Hanging Planter

This project will not only help you reuse that old candle holder from your house, but will also give you a decorative hanging planter unlike any you have ever seen in a completely lovely combination of plant, wood and glass.

Milk Carton Hanging Planter

modern DIY

If you’re looking for an easy recycling project, try using the waterproof milk carton as your flower pot. Cover the sides of the carton with strips of fabric and after adding some string with knots on the side, your hanging planter is ready to be hung.

Upside-Down Planters

Sure, it’e easy to let the plant grow naturally, but try making it grow upside-down. These hanging planters have holes on the bottom from where the plant grows. If you like the unusual, then you will love this project.

Hanging Plant Sculpture

modern DIY

For our last project, we offer you a true masterpiece that you can easily recreate. Although the tutorial suggests fake flowers, you can use real plants that will bring life and warmth to your home. So, happy Earth Day and remember that when we honor the Earth we honor ourselves.


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