Kitchen design is a complex business, and getting it right can be a challenge, which is why most people prefer to consult the professionals. While budget plays a large part in the design process, one might be surprised to know that elegant kitchens are not beyond the reach of the average person. Here are a few design ideas that would inspire anyone to revamp their current kitchen.

  1. The open plan look – This is ideal for smaller kitchens, as the walls are used for cabinet storage and racking. If space is an issue, the design needs to maximise every square inch of space, and with customised wall cabinets, things look neat and tidy.
  1. Country style kitchens are all the rage, with pine and oak used effectively to give that farmhouse look. Hardwood cabinets are expensive, but they are durable and look stunning. A kitchen island with a teak top gives one the perfect dining area, and with custom made cabinets and a hardwood floor, the look is complete. There aren’t that many companies that can design a rustic kitchen, but if one is looking for perfection, there are kitchen designers in Perth by Kitchen Capital WA who can put together any style of kitchen, and with CAD drawings, one can get the feel of the finished kitchen at the design stage, before the work begins.

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  1. Glass kitchens are sleek and stylish, and with a range of colours, the design options are endless. Glass surfaces are easy to clean and are ideal for that modern look. Add to that an induction cooker with a glass surface that heats pots and pans with a magnetic field, and one has a contemporary style kitchen. Stone worktops can be matched for a balance effect with smoke grey backsplashes, and with the right lighting, the design is complete.
  1. Hi-tech kitchens give the user a level of convenience, and with sliding appliance cupboards, everything can be neatly stored, leaving the kitchen looking uncluttered and almost empty. There are kitchen designers in Perth, who can create any style, no matter how big or small the room is, and with some careful planning, it won’t break the bank.

  1. Classic designs are popular, and with a large double island, the room is also a dining room and relaxation area. Pendant lights add a touch of elegance, while being practical too.
  1. Stone and marble kitchens are timeless and if one can afford it, they complement any home. The range of finishes and colours give plenty of scope, and as far as durability is concerned, they last for centuries.
  1. Stainless steel adds a touch of class to any room, especially the kitchen, as it is so easy to keep clean. With a combination of glass and mirrors, one can have a futuristic look, and with the right lighting, the kitchen will be truly unique.
  1. White wood styles are both clean and manageable, and with modern laminates, one can achieve a sheen finish. Cabinet doors look stunning and with a range of shades, one can achieve the right look.