The past 50 years have witnessed a massive urban development. Consequence: Residential lots are becoming smaller. Like many, you want to landscape your backyard, but you must combine with a rather limited space. You always turn to your latest project of landscaping. Stay positive! By following our simple advice, you can create a pleasant and original in small spaces. Everything is about balance. First choose a theme that will guide your choices for furniture, decorative accessories and even plants. A theme does not need to be very specific. You can choose to atmosphere, choose a color you like, or develop your overall decor around a subject dear to you. These five projects from the same terrace will inspire you for sure!

Life in rose

For a clean and bright balcony, marry a white hue, which remains timeless, in shades of pink. This will create a country setting and pretty with a feminine touch. Placemats related to each other form a curtain of the most original and add a touch of extra color to the decor. The trunk, which also serves coffee table, is perfect for storing cushions and accessories. Paint the plastic pots in varying shades of pink to match your decor. Of course, adopt the flowers, too, the color of choice. Some suggestions for flowers: tuberous begonias, the Calibrachoa ‘Callie Coral Pink’ and ponytail grass ( Stipa ) form a harmonious union.


Inspired by French

Looking sobriety and sophistication? This conventional composition and elegant suits you perfectly. The use of wrought iron in all its forms, whether for the chandelier, flower boxes or decoration, confer a classic look to your decor. The dark furniture attributes, meanwhile, a very modern touch to the whole.The flower boxes welcome herbs typically European, such as thyme and a beautiful rose Ballerina ‘. Cast iron urns showcase dwarf spruce Jean’s Dilly ‘and white bacopa. This arrangement contributes to the allure of this solemn scene.

A California Air

One senses here the sun’s heat. The image one is usually arid, cactus-filled and warm tones is this time very real. The cedar furniture Western Red creates a great atmosphere and is suitable both for a family meal for an evening with friends. The tissue paper lanterns add a festive touch to the decor. Assemble a collection of cacti is very simple because they are found at low cost in all supermarkets. The terracotta pots are also very affordable. This is proof that it is possible to create a successful theme even with limited resources.

In Asian

This Oriental-style decor inspires relaxation and meditation. To be completely cut off from the outside world, a fence made of bamboo (increasingly present in garden centers) is deployed at the ends of the terrace. The red blend perfectly with the colors and form a straw serene. Obviously, it goes without saying that bonsai are put into a space of Asian inspiration. There’s even a water garden in this development. The large bowl allows red to see the beautiful flowers flourish in the Japanese iris “Blue Beauty”. The royal papyrus and water hyacinth are also taking place in the original garden.

Tropical landscape

A moment spent on this terrace is a real trip to the Orient! The safari look of wicker furniture, rattan that mimics, fits very well with the spirit of this balcony. Pots and ornaments are multiplying to create a jungle atmosphere. The light curtain striped cloth covering the back wall and the huge rug create an enveloping atmosphere. If a plant is essential for such a balcony, it is the banana. Market, we can find fine specimens to gigantic leaves. The huge leaves of castor also bring a lot of heat to the development. This annual plant grows very quickly. Measuring no more than 30 cm for the purchase, it goes beyond the meter in less than two months. You have to admire five themes to decorate a balcony. However, the possibilities are endless! Open your eyes and be inspired. You see, this is not the lack of good ideas!