Having a problem with your boiler can be a nightmare, especially in the cold winter months. If you live in a city like London, its important to find a reliable and reputable boiler repair London company that will produce excellent work.

You should never attempt to fix the problem yourself, or even start fiddling around with the appliance. Boilers are dangerous devices, that should only be worked on by trained professionals that have the relevant qualifications. In the UK every boiler repair company has to employ operatives that hold a gas safe certificate. Without that certificate the company simply aren’t allowed to carry out any work, meaning they aren’t allowed to trade.


Finding a reliable firm to carry out the work for you is often a complicated task. Seeing as you have no idea as to what the problem might be, you have literally no idea as to how much it will cost to get fixed, meaning its possible you may get ripped off.

There are several websites in the UK, that allow customers to leave reviews of local business service companies they have used. This is a great way to get a real indication of what a company is really like and how reliable the service is that they offer. Its all very well seeing testimonials and reviews on a company website, but how do you know they are actually real? The simple answer is you don’t and that’s why websites that allow real reviews from real customers are a fantastic way to get a true reflection of a companies worth.

When you contact a boiler repair company for the first time, its important to get an indication of cost. Although the company will have little idea of the exact fault, they will still be able to tell you how much they charge in call out fees and how much their engineers charge per hour.

If you live in London and have an emergency with your boiler, you will find further advice and guidance @http://boilerrepairinlondon.net/looking-for-an-emergency-boiler-repair-in-london