Today, Chantal Couture offers advice to Suzy who finds that her kitchen and dining room have a look too rustic. Here’s what she tells us:

“It’s a house we just bought, I think it’s too heavy and too” country “; the ceramic tiled floor, next is the inlay, there is the brick wall of the kitchen and a half wall paneling in the dining room. In addition to cabinets that have a textured paneling, this is a lot of reasons for all this. I like the more contemporary look. I hesitate between stain or paint the paneling. Maybe paint the brick wall to even out? I also thought about painting the base cabinets charcoal gray or chocolate brown. In short, I have an idea of ​​what I like, but I do not know how to arrange all that. Where to begin? There are too many options help please! Thank you very much. ”

The brick wall:

The brick wall is very dominant in the room, but I advise you to keep it as is. A wall of brick or stone always gives a little warmth to a room. It can also enhance and transform a room completely. One can also easily hide large defects on a wall, for example seals poorly finished, adding this type of coating.I do not advise to you to paint the brick joints because size is so dominant that the paint job will not be aesthetic.


Painting a brick wall

For those who wish to undertake to paint a brick wall, here are some recommendations: We must first take care to brush the brick and remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a degreaser to remove any form of oily material. The PST is ideal in this case: trisodium phosphate powder, 1/3 cup diluerez you in a bucket of water. This product is available in hardware stores for about $ 2.50. The PST is a versatile cleaner and efficient that we can use on everything, even in the laundry. Long been recognized by professional painters, it is an excellent degreaser for walls that eliminates the wax and grease. It is recommended to apply an oil primer on all of the brick before adding your finish color. The porous surface of the brick will absorb the dressing and allow you to use less paint for finishing. Be patient! For a good result, you will need several layers.

Cabinet handles

It will still change the door handles of cupboards in the kitchen to make it more modern. These are also the accents and accessories that make a difference in your kitchen and dining room, and will change gender. Here is an ideal choice for cabinet handles:

Kitchen ceiling: We must also think about changing your lights. For the ceiling of the kitchen, here is a good model:

Fixture above the sink: Above the sink, I recommend something more feminine to soften the look and balance it out.

The dining room: The dining room also needs to be corrected on some points for a harmonious environment. He will paint the paneling to unify all in white like all the woodwork, baseboards and casings Sico 6173-11.

Window Coverings: So it would be interesting to add a wall to wall of sheer to cover your patio doors. Install sheer from floor to ceiling to just cool your room and allow light to pass.