Three Quebec designers show their skills and creativity. Using elements and imposed a budget of $ 2 700, they must, in turn, create a new look for this little girl to come. The required elements are cherry wood furnishings company AP Industries, a translucent shade of Market Store and a choice of moldings Alexandria Collection Deco Smart.

Delicate baby’s room

The theme of the birth was immediately aroused the image of nature in the designer Johanne Roy Lux’Art Design. A dressing of any flower bed is the starting point of this scene. Like the flowers that wake, the butterflies fly away and the grass growing, the baby will grow and flourish in turn. So she took care to insert all the elements of nature into the background. The challenge was set designer: design a room tends to accompany the child for several years. The color produced on the walls perfectly meets this goal.


Little flower of spring

The flowers are at the heart of this new decoration. Like these beautiful elements of nature, parents will discover their little daughter, will grow day by day and hoping it will evolve to give it everything it needs to grow. Quiet and simple: these were the two words that have guided the inspiration of the designer, Caroline Thibault. Gentle shades of corn that surround the walls provide a joyous light in the room. In sum, there is a universe for an inspiring little girl’s room.

Girl from here and elsewhere

The furniture with straight lines and clean and the moldings were perfect for a classic Asian-inspired decor. The designer Stephanie Levesque Steffa design added accessories wicker chair rails and raised obliquely in order to highlight the bright red chose to brighten the room. By integrating a color area in a dainty decoration rather quiet and discreet, the designer has successfully arranged a room warm and gracious. This decoration is sure to cross time and always please the baby girl became.