In this column, we will build a shelter outside BBQ. In this way, you can better protect your investment while you shelter from the sun and / or rain, depending on the chosen roof.

Make a plan

After determining the location of your grill and your shelter, make a plan. You have already measured your cooking appliance to determine the required dimensions. The plan will allow you to estimate the amount of materials. You probably did not want to return to the home center to pick up a few amount or lag.

Although anchor your shelter

Of course, you need to anchor your shelter. I chose Spike type anchors that can counter the effects of freezing and thawing. For these anchors, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Learn at home center to determine which ones will be most effective for your project. Build, with eight poles, a rectangle larger than your shed. Connect the stakes with ropes. The junction of these determine the location of anchors. To drive the Spike ground, insert a short piece of 4 x 4 in. at the top, then hit it with a mass to penetrate the steel point. In this way, you do not smash the anchor. Meanwhile, using your carpenter will ensure that everything is level. You just have to place your amounts of 4 inches by 4 inches in head room.



To make your structure, you can use pieces of 4 inches by 4 inches in treated wood or hemlock. I opted for the latter. Because they are larger, you must cut the base with a top, to properly insert the anchor. Do not cut your pieces to length defined yet. Wait until the structure is completed. You’ll save yourself headaches. Well, it only remains to determine the location of the amounts of 2 ‘x 4’. Install a first cross, with greenhouses, and step back a bit to get an overview. Hint: you will need to go to a sawmill to buy your pieces of hemlock. Ask freshly swan pieces. It is a soft wood that is hard enough as it dries. By choosing “green” wood, you can work more easily.

The assembly

Well, you still have to assemble the pieces of wood that will hold the amounts and the roof. Make a first installation, screws 4 inches, then use straps to make sure everything is square and to force all parts occupy their final position. You will share and work. Pieces that will support, cut at an angle (45 °), will help you get a more accurate and more stable. Once everything is adjusted with straps (square and level), drill holes in the body size of the lag selected. You will thus avoid splitting the wood. Use lag screws galvanized steel. Tighten by means of a ratchet or screw gun to impact. It will be easier. At each step, make sure that everything is level and square.

The roof

You are at the stage of the roof

Personally, I used two bamboo fences 6 feet by 16 feet, I folded in three, to make the roof. It is not waterproof, but the material gives an exotic look. I used screws and galvanized steel washers to secure the roof. They also allow me to remove it in the fall. If you want a more watertight roof, you can use other materials such as PVC sheets. However, make sure you give it a slight slope to avoid water accumulation, or snow. I also made two shelves for added work space. Those of barbecue are often congested.


If your grill has a rotisserie, you will need to install electricity in your shed or an extension out each time. I opted for the first solution.

* In your shelter, install a waterproof electrical outlet equipped with a ground and a trigger (reset) , and a switch PVC, also waterproof. It will be safer.
* Slide your wire (12 gauge) in a PVC pipe that you enquirer in the earth.
* Put glue on both connections. You will have a few additional seconds to adjust.
* Call an electrician to check everything and install a new electrical circuit.
* If you wish, install a garland electric lighting for evenings with friends, or a system of solar lamps, more economical.
* Well, it’ll only get your family and friends.