Several storage systems exist to help us maximize space. They can really make a difference. Examples of systems: The storage “LadySusan” To the corner sections of a kitchen base cabinets that are made ​​in the shape of “L” and which are so difficult of access, or just for the half-moon shaped sections, one can use rotary systems called “LazySusan”. There are different types: complete circles or ¾ of a circle, and you may add the desired number of turntables. Some are made ​​of metal son, other plastic. They can also be custom made ​​by a cabinetmaker if you will have the same finish as our wardrobes. drawers to maximize storage space in cabinets, instead of opting for tablets, we go to drawers, because often people do not use the bottom shelves.


To store pots, for example, the use of deep drawers is really convenient. You can also add divisions to properly classify our components. The inside of the drawers can organize the space of all drawers to meet specific needs. There are storage compartments for utensils as we know them, but also that classify storage containers and other spices, even to the knives. Usually made ​​of plastic, these storage systems are easily adjustable and guilty to the dimensions of our drawers. The son of storage in metal Affordable and easy to install, there is a range of metal storage systems that have all kinds of utilities (for lids, jars, food, etc) For pantries are often difficult to get food in the bottom of the pantry shelves with standard.

To remedy the problem and maximize space again, one can use the pigeonhole principle. They can be custom made ​​by a cabinetmaker, but many systems are sold in supermarkets. There are also removable shelves is made ​​of melamine or metal son. In short, many products exist to make our lives easier. It’s so much nicer to live in an organized kitchen, as well enjoy it!