For a packrat, a storage unit may be essential to having a happy home. Those people who compulsively buy or collect items (with no intention of getting rid of them) can have a packed house that’s hard to navigate. In defence of all packrats, sometimes it’s necessary to keep those extra knickknacks and devices. Isn’t it always the case that as soon as you get rid of a rarely used item, you’re in need of it? Even those who don’t hoard can relate to that experience. When you have too much stuff for you living spaces, but can bear to part with anything, a storage unit is your answer.


There are just some items (like keepsakes and family heirlooms) that you can’t in good conscience get rid of, having been passed down from generation and generation until it came into your hands. When your rooms are full, having a small storage unit to collect your belongings can be a great idea. These items won’t take up any valuable space in your living room, garage, or basement, and you’ll have constant access to them in case you need to use something.

When in the market for a storage unit, it makes sense to be a smart shopper. Ask informed questions about the state of security, climate control, and space. To make sure there is no misunderstanding, ask about access to your storage unit. Whether or not there are any limits to when or how long you can enter your storage unit is also another good thing to consider. You should insist in a tour of the facilities, during which you should employ a keen eye. Make sure it’s clean and well-lit, with obvious security measures like electronic padlocks and CCTV systems.

After enough research, you’ll realize that the staff, security, and storage units at Abacus Self Storage are second to none. Their team of helpful representatives can answer any of your questions regarding units, moving, and security; and the units themselves are under constant supervision, with frequent security checks completed by the property manager, 24/7 video camera surveillance, personalized key code entry, and monitored security alarms.

So you might not have your extra belongings in your house, but you can trust that they’ll be looked after as if they were. For those who have just a little too much for their space, check out the secure storage units in your neighbourhood.