Few square meters of land sufficient to create an outdoor living area beautiful and welcoming. In order to do your mini garden, follow the guide.

Be puzzled by the development of a small space makes sense. Even mini, one would expect from a garden that brings well-being, relaxation and reverie. Before any initiative, think long in mind that you want to give instead is essential to succeed in this garden. Here are some thoughts, tips and advice to help you.

Analyze the environment of your tiny garden

More than any garden, a garden does mini echoes never surface, but in volume. It is a three-dimensional layout. It is especially the limits of space (walls, fences, fences diverse, Glazed), or rather their absence, which will be noticed as a priority, much more than floor space. So the first step is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the framework to define the spirit we want and we can give this mini garden. What do we or do we hide? What are the strengths and nuisance in the neighborhood? Do we want to make the most of the surroundings, or conversely, isolate themselves?


Once this assessment done, we must channel his desires to one or two key ideas to set the spirit of the place, and then stick to it by avoiding any dispersal. The success of a garden, through the harmony that is going to create. Proliferation or edit checks? No matter, and style for everyone! It may succeed or both fail the same way. By cons, this mini garden will be yours if you know it print a personal touch.

Tips for successful mini garden in a beautiful environment

When the environment is beautiful, we must emphasize: landscape, stone walls, trees or any other decoration you like. Set up at least your garden to enjoy the surrounding scenery (in photo below, in a setting of old village). Hide some defects from view by a suitable arrangement of shrubs and climbing plants, pots or objects. Part of unsightly wall can easily be hidden by the grip of a few potted plants or collection of objects. Ground, prefer something clean, uncluttered, which attracts the eye (fine grass, gravel in one or two colors, stone slabs or slabs of wood). Same for lighting (if you want one) that will settle near the ground.

If the lack of quiet place, a small fountain or a water curtain will give a harmonious sound capable of attenuating the noise. Enjoy a particularly beautiful view in the building: enclose the desired focal point of two columnar shrubs, two box-tree cone end, two pots or two columns. You can also create a fence climbing with a beautiful opening in the center (square or arched) to the landscape: effect guaranteed.

Pass a mini garden in a unsightly

The environment is more ugly, more must embellish the sides and focus the eye towards the center of the garden. Over the place is ugly, the more we must draw the eye down. In both cases, the lighting, if you want, place themselves in height. The light produced from seeing what is above. To dress the ugly walls, opt for murals and trompe l’oeil, if you can. Lime or otherwise whitewash the walls in one or more dominant colors to clear before considering planting some nice plants.

Use, for the central space, tiles, grass or gravel and, if space permits, set out for it a beautiful object, or an original plant (as umbrella plant in tray, photo below). Install a high pergola covering most of the surface can also be a good idea. You can let it run some pretty vines or vine-that will bring shade and you will protect a beautiful collection of plants that will stick suspended at various heights. Lovers of orchids and epiphytes tillandsias often proceed in this manner. Why not start collecting plants drooping, fuchsia or herbs?

Another idea: if you have wall to fix plugs and peaks, pull some parallel cables on which you can hang a multitude of lamps or lanterns which some will be really enlightening evening. In all cases, choose garden furniture for very simple shapes and small footprint. If you want to go take it pliable, otherwise choose quality: good resistance to light and temperature variations.