To enjoy the flavor of basil and biting into a freshly picked tomato, trays, pots or planters on the balcony are enough to create a vegetable garden.

No need for a garden to grow and harvest vegetables. If you have a sunny balcony, terrace, porch or even a windowsill, then you can grow vegetables and herbs. Of course, all varieties of vegetables are not suitable for growing in pots, but the choice is wide: radishes, lettuce cut, small cucumbers, zucchini rounds, tomatoes, pole beans, strawberries, chives, basil, parsley.

What pots and planters to choose the vegetable garden?

The choice of container is essential if one wishes to obtain optimal growth of vegetables. You will find a large selection of gardening buckets and containers suitable for your garden, but the simple clay pots are also fine. Be sure to choose containers large enough, the minimum depth is 30 cm for small vegetables not too greedy, for against the tomato plants will thrive in larger containers may contain a minimum of 10 liters of compost.


How to plant your vegetables in pots or tubs?

To grow in pots not need bulky equipment, just a small shovel and a watering can to start and advantage, the height of your garden will prevent back pain. Your containers should have good drainage. To do this, make sure your pots have drainage holes of water, otherwise you will practice a few openings, using a drill. A layer of clay pebbles or gravel in the bottom of the pots is necessary before filling with compost “special gardener” which contains nutrients necessary for growth of your vegetables.

Choose which vegetables to your garden or flower pot?

Choose vegetables not too bulky. In planters, you sow radishes, arugula and leaf lettuce, which grow quickly and provide several harvests. Tomato plants thrive in deep pots, among the huge range of varieties to choose those berries. The zucchini is as delicious as using decorative foliage and flowers that you can also enjoy. Think of vegetables “visual barrier” to make a screen plant: peas and beans planted in a flower deep wrap around guardians. Champions categories in pot culture, herbs are essential. They settle happily in a window box or pot. Feel free to mix varieties and flavors: parsley, chives, mint, lemon verbena, sage. Combine several varieties of basil: at large and small leaves, purple, green, smooth leaves or curly. As for the strawberry plants, they delight in hanging containers.

How to maintain your vegetable garden in pots or planters?

Be sure to water regularly but not excessively, never in direct sunlight, preferably in the evening which prevents evaporation. Your garden requires regular maintenance, you should clarify too dense plantings and keep only the strongest plants, it also requires regular weeding. will enrich the soil and fertilizer may need to treat your garden against disease and harmful.