Where to place the firm

Choice of location is essential. Preferably a place other than a step away from the noise (when working calm is important). And if possible, a closed room. You must have adequate natural lighting and be well ventilated. If you are unable to have a separate room, you can also put Japanese curtains to separate the room, or partitions.

Tips for Organizing the office: bring order

The biggest flaw is to have an office cluttered with useless papers, newspapers and magazines, helpful diverse and varied. First stage, placing order. Strip useless papers and orders the other classifiers or separators in different colors depending on their use (bank, insurance, employment). You’ll find them more easily. And get rid of your old newspapers. Save scissors, glue and pens in place. And post-it limits that burden then a workspace.

A central provision

in a dispatch Ideally is you’re in the middle of everything. Your chair has to be somehow the cockpit if possible and wheel spinning. So work it out to organize the office around that position. You must be able to reach the maximum of things barely have to move. This will help you save much time.


Opt for furnishings to condition office

furniture Using a specially devised for the job can prove to be a precious benefit of space and time. Ideally, a table with drawers, because then you can arrange your affairs, holding them close to you. There must be enough space to place a computer and a keyboard and plenty of room to write. You can opt for a side table for computer, functional furniture excellence. They are often designed to occupy minimal space, and have an area for the central processing unit (CPU), printer, scanner or diskettes. Everything in its place, is the best way to find everything quickly and have everything at your fingertips.

Think comfort and ergonomics

is important to give priority to the notion of comfort in the conditioning of your workspace. Sitting for too long causes back pain, so it is good to invest in a comfortable chair, or a special computer designed specifically to preserve the body. Worry also by the position of the screen. Not too close, not to hurt you in the eyes, not too far, to avoid councilors.

Office: retains only the essentials

on the table not let anything work except when absolutely necessary. Latest reports (save the other on a shelf or in a cabinet), the employees regularly working tools, but the compass, you use it once a year, put it in the drawer. You will have a clear working space and therefore more enjoyable.

Prefers sobriety

An office is also a work environment that has to be peaceful and conducive to concentration. Evita therefore too garish colors. The neutral or pastel adapt better.

Caution with lighting and light sources

Another important element: the lighting. The nicest thing is to have a strong natural lighting. By default, uses a good lamp that lights the room enough, halogen. And beware: do not place your desk with his back to a window using a computer: it will be impossible to see the screen with the sun reflecting on it. Or provide a blind.

Create an office zen: Feng Shui principles

to condition the first stage as well the office Feng Shui philosophy is to make a great cleansing. Scrubs and dusts to renew the good energy in the room. Then well ventilated to get fresh air into the room. Finally, avoids high shelves or suspended above you, you will be dire for reflection. Avoid mirrors and reflections that hurt your concentration and equip the room with family photos, especially of your grandparents, who contribute their wisdom. Place your back against the wall, and the choice of the desk, prefer a regular curvy.