The typology above ground is a good alternative for those who want the convenience of being able to swim in a pool in their own home, without the need of having to walk miles to reach the sea or go in swimming pools public or private where you can find more or less at ease. They are certainly cheaper than the classic, but it goes without saying that they also need special care, so here’s some advice on its maintenance.

Caring for the types of swimming pools above ground depends roughly on the size but also, and above all, the material from which it is made. There are in fact many varieties starting from simple self-supporting (from small to the largest that can grow up to five or six meters if not more), and wooden to be placed permanently in a well defined place in the garden. Regarding the first type needs to have some more attention, whereas in the first place, the place in which it is positioned.


There are very resistant tarpaulin, but still delicate. In the first place, to be able to ensure perfect efficiency of this type, one must choose a perfectly ground floor, without stones or the like that could damage it. It is important that the soil is not only uneven, but also devoid of any growth, however small that may weaken some points. The same thing applies in the case in which decide to place it close to a wall, wall and so on. The movement of the pool (especially when there are people in swimming) can create rubbing on the wall inevitably weakening the walls.

Given these fundamental points, all types of pools, it is self-supporting, be it wood, and so on, the service is exactly the same as traditional pools The pH must be kept under control and kept as constant as possible, the filter will need to be cleaned frequently (at least twice every fortnight). The chlorine must be added following the right amount dependent on the mass of water daily cleaning of the surface and bottom are a must ( the surface with the simple screen supplied, while the bottom should be cleaned with a broom vacuum suitable or the robot).