It is customary to think that the distinction between living and sleeping in a shelter, is addressed not only to the single-use, but also by the different treatment given to the furniture of the rooms. In fact, as well as observing the various items on the market as, accessories and furniture, you realize how you can customize and characterize even the bedroom with style and elegance. To make easier to understand this concept, as well as also provide some useful suggestions, report to follow Some good examples.

To give a little ‘refinement to our bedroom

As a first proposal we note the new collection of rugs and pillows where of atypical (new 2012), Barbara design, created to cover and smartly dressed the bed. colors that distinguish these elements are simple and elegant, they are part of a variety color ranging from dark gray to bucks and up to burgundy, but without neglecting even the cream. Among other aesthetic characteristics of these elements there is a particular texture composed of a striped and mixed with merino wool, worked the herringbone or plots with more or less dense that alternate. addition to the purely aesthetic of these objects, there is also the possibility of combination among the various pieces, for a perfect fitting of style and nuances, and which shows inter Alia the ‘careful study place in the creative phase. observing the characteristics of the elements that make up the collection, it also highlights the possibility of use in other environments, such as the living area. in fact, imagine the ‘ effect of seat cushions over the chairs and sofas in a living room, accentuated by a clever use of colors and matching with the fabric of the sofa.


An alarm table to get going in the morning

In general, the signal of alarm clock in the morning, is associated with a nagging feeling, especially if the day that we encounter is working. You can suggest solutions that allow you to soften the awakening, such as a musical tone pleasant hearing or the use of an apparatus such as the alarm table Machine. This object, beautifully designed and attractive, is made ​​up of gears bi color exposed and a function that allows you to select also the quarters of an hour. Following the trill, finally, just press the button just to shut her up. The alarm Machine is available in various colors, all characterized by bright colors and cheerful, and stands as a useful means to get going when you wake up. Besides this functionality in the morning, is obviously also a useful tool to scan the various moments of the day.

Metal cabinet for the bedroom

Each will be able to remember the metal cabinets located in the changing rooms of gyms or part of the scenery of the great halls of the High School of American films. This image was now proposed, in an updated version, which is a cabinet from the gates of steel, placed in line with other similar evoking old feelings but by placing them in a more modern context, linked to youthful ideas and part nonconformist. It is an object of rest, which is easily place in the bedroom, as well as in a kitchen or in an office, characterizing the environment with taste and freshness. These aesthetic features are related to the possibility of combination with the colors in the room, made ​​possible by a ‘ wide range of finishes.

The Matt lacquer doors, in fact, is available between twenty-nine color catalog including some very specific, such as lemon yellow, aubergine and powder blue. Moreover, besides the style is also evident condition functional, derived from the possibility of equipping the interior with shelves, drawers, rods hangers and adaption (for office use). It is an object, therefore, that, although conceptually imagined for service environments, working spaces, etc. it configures unexpectedly in a new guise as a design object. This particularity, and able to characterize the domestic space with an aesthetic whole rocking.