Furnish and accessorize the room of a child, it’s not complicated: you just have a lot of imagination to make the room a cozy, fun, and safe space, dedicated to his time! There is a multitude of ideas and styles that certainly will please our children, in possessing a small child’s room created specifically according to their tastes and trends of the moment cartoon. Here is a guide that will help you and make sure the particular room of your child.

Offer, your child, personal spaces where they can hide their secrets, their puppets and their imagination: a small room furnished with furniture interlocking, obviously without the dangerous presence of the edges, it will give the opportunity to your child, moving tables, desk, chest of games and other furnishings easy deployment, to create the hidden nooks. In addition, if the room is shared by multiple children, remember to divide it in such a way as to create personal space for everyone: there are special children’s rooms to accommodate two or more children or you can use the shelves and bookcases to divide spaces and organize personal items.


Tint the walls of the room of your child with bright colors and fun: colored walls theme is loved by children of all ages. Choose light colors, never dark shades ranging from lemon yellow to orange, pink neon blue, from delicate emerald green to purple; remember not to whitewash the walls with dark colors and unsuitable for children of a certain age. You can also use wallpaper with cartoon drawings, environments and playful with fun themes, which will make the room more cozy and solar. In addition, you can decorate the walls with stencils wall: flowers, balloons, stars and many other images, which, in addition to offering a neater appearance to the walls, will give a personal touch and artistic.

Most of the children, unfortunately, are afraid of the dark: then, make the room lighter and quieter than the baby during the night, through the purchase of lamps with abscissa forms of dolls or cartoon characters, a chandelier from the ceiling with frills, pendants and colorful, easy and quick ignition and a night light beside the bed of the child, which give off a soft light and make it safer to what surrounds him. Another cute idea would be to paste the stars, planets, ladybugs and many other forms, fluorescent lamps on the ceiling or furniture.