Mr. Kliagine Chantal Couture wrote asking for advice on decorating the dining room. He writes: “Our house is a split level. We would like to redecorate our dining room (walls, ceiling, floor and maybe even re-stain the furniture). We would like your advice, because we’re at an impasse: the sloping ceiling, bay window and the staircase that goes to the rooms cause us problems. We monitor emissions decoration Canal Vie and we are always surprised by the wonderful projects you are carrying. Thank you! ”

Your dining room has lots of style with furniture that are very interesting, but it would purify the atmosphere a bit. I suggest you remove all the wallpaper covering the walls and make a simple color that will add a nice balance and harmony. So, overall, your room with a ceiling as high would benefit from receiving a decorative luster which would emphasize the classical side of your furniture and give a handsome.


Take the time to center it and install it at 30 inches above the table in the dining room. The layout of your room is well composed, but it should eliminate your TV and small table and instead deposit a decorative vase with floral arrangement in the corner. For further refinement, your beautiful mirror should be mounted on the great wall of the dining room, parallel to your table and about 44 inches of soil placed horizontally to maximize space and add a feminine note.

It would not be necessary to place a mirror over your dresser, but two beautiful frames 36 inches high placed vertically and a few vases to give volume to the great wall. we suggest you also remove any extra pictures and frames, and if you want to preserve your family photos be sure to install them on the short wall on the right side of the window, where there will be flower arranging. They will be more discreet.

Set frames to 5 inches on the wall above the buffet. With their 36 inches tall, they will make a nice effect. On the buffet, add beautiful vases which will match the red leather chairs and which will link to the decor. As for covering the window, it would be interesting to install elegant curtains and a valance decorated with beautiful trimmings. You could keep your curtains and modified slightly. They should be given a second life by adjusting them on poles in front of each window and remove your paintings on rolls that are not in a chic dining room. we would add beautiful curtain panels with tiebacks, taped to each side and installed in the highest part of the ceiling. The fabric chosen for the fabric panels and the valance is found in Saletex. You could get it all through a consultant designer or a decorator.

Fabric Saletex: Pattern: Platform

Custom skins still offer a nice finish to a setting and so we do not need to overload the room accessories. Into your home, it would be very interesting to install in the lower walls, decorative moldings to dress the walls. Here’s a suggestion: You could install all at 40 inches from the floor on all walls of the dining room. A good carpenter perform the work quickly. Just get yourself a chair rail 3 inches wide to encircle the wall. Then you can add a decorative molding to your taste, 1 inch wide, to create boxes.You will end it all with a beautiful plinth about 5 inches wide at the bottom of the walls.

All these small changes will bring a fine dining to your and your family will finally receive relatives and friends in complete privacy in a setting worthy of a hotel. Let me encourage you to make these small changes that will please you.Do not forget to set up your table! This will sign the final touch when entertaining.