Ready to store all the Christmas decorations? Here are some tips that will help you organize and store them effectively in order to make it easier next year.

Four essential steps

1. Group by categories
2. Use proper containers
3. Label containers
4. Number the containers

In order to organize and store decorations of all kinds should be grouped by categories that are easy for you to remember. Categories may include: exterior decorations, tree ornaments inside (lights, balls, skirt, etc.), Maps, table decoration, packaging supplies, tablecloths, etc. Choose appropriate containers for storage and protect certain types of decoration can be kept in their original containers if they are easy to store. Otherwise, opt for boxes that are not necessarily made for this purpose, but the formats are well suited for this purpose. CD box, DVD box, picture box. An economical way to achieve a similar result: recycle old shoe boxes!


The most fragile ornaments can be stored in egg cartons. The Christmas tree has not always need to be stored in its original carton. It is stored in a large plastic tub to protect it and especially to do so easily! Surround your garlands around pieces of cardboard stiffeners to prevent them from tangling or breaking. If they are too large, place them individually in transparent bags closed and store on a shelf. (You can use bags for leaves). To preserve fragile items such as decorative branches, wrap them in bubble wrap before storing.

To avoid the lights kink and break, wrap them around a piece of cardboard that you have previously hacked and wrap everything in bubble wrap. To avoid misplacing the extra bulbs, store them in a plastic bag that will stick to the board. This method also allows you to quickly check the status of the bulbs and replace them before storing. Very important to store the lights are functional. If you have something broken, fix it before storing. The candles can be wrapped in old socks or tights to prevent them from scratch.

Make a box with all the necessary packaging and store it with the decorations. No need to keep the paper and ribbons Christmas at hand throughout the year as you make use of it only during the holiday season.Consolidate Christmas cards in a box numbered # 1, because sending cards is usually the first thing we did in December. To store the decorations in the garage or attic, use these pretty corrugated boxes with lids and provided with a label to identify space, or for plastic bins. To save time next year, number your storage boxes in the order you come out next year, ex: card # 1, # 2 outside lights, tree # 3, # 4 interior lights, ornaments Tree # 5 and so on. If you’re the type to forget that each of the boxes contains, I suggest you get a sheet explaining their content to better see you there next year. This sheet will be stored in the box # 1 not to lose it.

Tip: do a final tour before close all the boxes to be sure have not forgotten anything. Small astray are often difficult to find the next year if you do not have placed with others.