It is often said that love a country and its people, if you like his music and the products of its soil. This is true. If it is in Canada, the musical cadence that you have learned will never leave you again. And you would stay still in search of special dishes you have tasted.

Many specialties

Currently, people are more looking for a more authentic cuisine. In Canada, they will be met because there is a lot, among other things, game wild turkey, caribou, partridge, deer, fish, grouse. But this does not prevent the French specialties such as graves, or the shortbread the painkiller there are also served. Thus, restaurants vary their menus willingly, to the delight of their guests. Having the privilege of being warmly welcomed in rooms with air conditioning in Repentant, they will be fully satisfied as they can enjoy the best dishes ever. Bagel, brick salt pork with garlic, chowder, burgers and pancakes with maple syrup and can succeed at infinity. Not to mention the major specialties such as venison and succulent lobster.


Maple, berries, meat and pie

The maple syrup is also widely consumed. For your information, for 1 liter of syrup, it takes at least 40 liters of sap. The berries are also sought. Like other fruits, they are eaten directly. Otherwise, they are in the form of jelly sweet or salty, but then served with poultry. As for livestock such as bison, pork or beef, they are served as sausages, Chiarra. Wild meat is they, rather roasted, boiled or smoked. Their treatment requires months or years of smoking in a room with air conditioning in Repentant. Finally, to unify all the famous Canadian meat pie which is composed of almost all meat. Thereafter, they are then accommodated with onions and garlic, all placed on a good pastry.

For better conservation products

If the West Coast abounds in fish and other seafood, the great plains of the west harbor cattle and bison. It consumes more served in “GM” mode meat, like steak or large wholesale rib. Southeast, but rather the area of ​​freshwater fish. While Canadian cuisine is rather a “kitchen wood”, that is to say, served boiled or roasted in large restaurants, local products are also cooked using recipes local gastronomy. Sometimes, their preparation requires a particular application, with tools, equipment and adequate facilities. For example, full batteries regarding cookware and workplace well-equipped, among others, with air conditioning in Repentant for proper storage of all products.

Good work, good performance

While the Repentant conditioning that will be installed will be used primarily for the treatment of products. But it will also the Chef, servers, brief the team committed to “back off” of the restaurant to work under appropriate conditions, more precisely at a good temperature. There is no hotter than a kitchen without air conditioning in summer. Indeed, this kind of small details is very important when it comes to be more profitable in terms of personnel. Indeed, in order to give the best, you must work in good conditions. Similarly, if the owner wants to increase its sales and make a profit, it has a strong interest to be more vigilant on these points. Know that you should expect anything from a dissatisfied staff.