The new air conditioning systems are more comfortable, quieter, reduce energy consumption, purify the air and end up with bad odors.

The summer heat is no longer a problem thanks to new air conditioning systems that become the best allies when it comes to cool the house . Before choosing, must be borne in mind that some require work, decide whether to air condition a room or entire house.

Determinant factors for the installation of air conditioning.

The power of the air unit is determined by a technician, but as a rule sufficient BTU/m2 100, a figure that rises to the 150 BTU if it is a top floor or is facing south. And do not forget the rules, especially if the outdoor unit will be placed in the facade, or the permissions of the community, as some are particularly demanding and are governed by a nomas own. Once inside, the ideal is to place the air outlet at the top of the wall, because cold air is heavier and low.


Splits : the most used

No need of work, consisting of one or more indoor units (maximum seven) connected to an external compressor, so it can air condition rooms of the house and set different temperatures in each space. They come in wall, floor, ceiling and corners and with innovative designs, with rounded shapes, ultra-thin, colors and even some that can be customized. The current splits renew its image inside and out. In category A or A + energy is added the technology inverter , which reduces power consumption up to 40%. They may include a rapid cooling mechanism and a sensor. They are also more comfortable by reducing noise, creating a breeze effect or incorporate a humidifying function. Without ignoring its environmental benefits: clean air , kill bacteria, kill odors, create a feeling of comfort with negative ions, etc.

Air conditioning Ceiling

Air conditioners are installed in the ceiling, and although they may be in any room are desirable especially for large spaces, environments and undivided loft apartments, Its visual impact is less than the splits, as they pass almost unnoticed although they need be placed in a ceiling of about 20 cm, while the duct is usually 24 cm, making it necessary to do work for installation.

Whole-house air conditioning

Duct systems allow whole house weatherization and favor a more comfortable and uniform temperature, but require work to be an outdoor and indoor unit to be concealed in a false ceiling. Cold air is flowing through tubes in the racks in each room. There is a mixed system that allows heat the room or home zones and set the desired temperature in each and turns off when the thermostat reaches the temperature required space. Its main drawback is the initial outlay, but is amortized in a short time due to energy savings.

Underfloor heating: cold Invisible

Suitable for all home to acclimatize, you can install on any pavement , provides cooling in summer and warm in winter, and does so in a uniform way, also enhances the sense of comfort and produces a very nice tread Aesthetically is a value in itself because no space, no one sees, not to use heaters or other appliances, so it does not interfere with the decor. Its installation requires work, and is therefore a good choice when making alterations or new construction. It supports different energy sources, and although an effort is the initial economic, pays for itself quickly. The ideal climate for your home depends on environmental conditions: average temperature, relative humidity and orientation of the house. Any system adopted should be supervised by a technician to ensure the smooth running of air conditioners. Also do not forget that different designs allow integration into every room naturally.