On hot summer days, the fan can be a viable alternative much more economical in terms of fuel consumption air conditioning. From the ground and floor, table or ceiling with the blades, the fan will have the ability to move the air without cooling it excessively and without affecting the quality. We present below what the best of international design offers in terms of fans.

Refreshes and illuminates

Lamp-fan with diffuser in white, a particularly lightweight rotationally molded. The frame is brass painted white, while the canopy top is made ​​of metal and painted the bottom, covering the ventilation device is in polyethylene. The blades of the traditional fans have been replaced, in this creation Fountain Art , from a single body with a particular shape and enveloping. The lamp which has its rotor motor with a power of 85W, also has function of fan with or without system control radio waves. Elegant design, but essential at the same time. Price: 650 €.


Eco Ital export of breath, a swirl of colors

A colorful design, cheeky and fresh is what characterizes the collection of fan-lamps Breath of Eco Ital export. For all those who, in addition to a flawless functionality and maybe even Eco want a product with a unique style and unmistakable, a good solution can Breath be Eco whose bright colors enliven the harmonic model. The outlines simple, soft and round playing with the metal body of the fan painted with epoxy powder, giving a dynamic and playful atmosphere. L ‘ rainbow of light created by the blades in rotation, not As soon as you turn on the lamp, it offers a particularly dramatic and fascinating. To furnish and fill the spaces with a sparkling touch of interior design, never detached from the bond of quality guaranteed by the brand.

Otto, made of wood

Eight of the Swiss Straddler is the first fan made ​​of solid wood in Europe. The main body was bent by steam and oiled twice, while its adjustable power allows you to easily manage airflow. During the summer, when the heat suffocates the rooms, every breath of air is welcome. Otto, whose design was created by Carlo Borer, inspired by nature and it is left to adjust the height with his feet. Much more than just a fan, Otto is more like a piece of furniture is modern and practical. It weighs just over 4 pounds and measures 350 x 376 x 185 mm. Price: 160 €.