How many times did you leave you pleasantly carry a perfume in a sea of pleasant sensations and intoxicating? Well, enjoy the scents of nature, even within the walls of the house is possible and is certainly good for the soul. So why not spend a bit ‘of our creativity on perfumes environments for DIY? Simplicity, nature, authenticity, these are the key words to keep in mind if you want to pleasantly perfuming the house, differentiating perfumes for every room and for every occasion.

Who knows how many times have you received confetti to commemorate important events. Well, doilies tulle that enveloped the delicious sweets, can be reused for our purpose. May for example be filled with lavender flowers to create scented bags for hanging in closets. In addition to diffuse a pleasant scent will also be very useful in keeping away pests such as moths. With the washing can also fill the bowls to be placed directly on the furniture or on the shelves of the bathroom. Also in this way the fragrance of lavender will be pleasant and delicate. Remember to take the lavender when the flowers will be wide open and insert them in the bags only when they are completely dry.


For the kitchen a good perfume for rooms, especially in the winter months can be achieved simply with an orange, a tangerine or lemon and cloves. Then take an orange peel subtle, and stuck in the fruit cloves, close enough but not placed against each other. The cloves must be of good quality and have a very intense aroma. To help you fit them with a stick or a knitting needle. After filling the fruit with cloves you put it in a bowl with a mix of spices that will be used to make mature and will be made ​​up of cloves, pepper, nutmeg powder all. Every day you have to turn the fruit by wiping well with the mixture until it is fully cured, it will take about two weeks. Even this perfume, which is called Pomander, has an anti-moth and then can be put inside of cupboards.

Another way to create fragrances for the home DIY is to use essential oils. Once you have selected the desired fragrance and you’ll get the essential oil, you will have them mixed 15 drops to an alcohol base and then add it all to half a liter of water. Then lay the solution obtained by a diffuser and spray directly into vaporized or put it in a jar and special sticks together speakers, maybe coloring it with food coloring.