Install an alarm system in your home in many cases it is a device of choice to guard against thefts. There are various types of installations, from the technological point of view, the choice of which may be dictated by economic and practical reasons. We see the main types, according to the indications provided by the National Consumers.

The choice of the

1. Electrical system : it is connected with a network of electrical cables and has the advantage that by cutting the wires, the alarm goes off immediately, but the installation costs are quite high, especially if they are necessary masonry work.
2. Plant-wave radio : Wireless, is fed to long battery life, does not require masonry work, installation is quick, you save manpower, but can present problems of radio interference.
3. Mixed system : it is in the cable, in part by radio. Usually, the cable routing is only required in order to feed the central alarm and sirens, while the other components operating in radio waves.


He type of protection provided varies, depending on the sensitize, which depend very much on the type of home (detached villa, apartment, etc). The available types are fundamentalist Two:

Perimeter : The compliant protects the house from the outside and is activated only if the thieves open windows or doors;
Volumetric : via special sensors installed at appropriate points within the house, is able to detect the presence of a person, a movement, and also a body temperature, triggering the siren or the connection with the Police.

The choice is generally one to integrate the two types of protection.

The choice of the installer

Whatever your choice on the type of system to be installed, it must be remembered that the effectiveness of an alarm system must, in practice, with the proper design and installation and reliable equipment . The work should be entrusted to specialized companies authorized to issue at the end of the work the ” IMQ certification system “, which guarantees the use of certified equipment and comply with the rules of the Italian Electromechanical Committee (IEC) , as well as the execution of work in accordance with national technical rules. In this case, it also makes use of a discount on the insurance.