The woodwork is an example. The glass doors allow lots of light and bring clarity to the spaces. If they are painted white or light wood help to have a nice habitat. As for the windows, it is best to use those with thin frames. If the room is small it can be painted the same color as the walls which expands the space visually. If frames are painted white, is given more prominence to the view outside. The curtains that are placed must be suitably chosen so as not to remove light of the rooms, ideally using some thick fabrics such as linen. Small light-colored curtains of silk or gauze let in light while decorative elements are very aesthetic.

The furniture also add or subtract light to the house

One can say that in general the solid furniture, big and dark subtracted light to the rooms. If we speak of a local low light is the best placement of furniture light , such as painted steel, light wood furniture, glass surfaces. If we add to the furniture knobs or metallic touches like chrome finishes are given small highlights. Another option is to work furniture , which can be very light as the design and style of interior decoration. They can be painted in white or materials coated ceramic .


The interior decoration of the house determines much of the incoming light

The elements are placed in the premises for decorating can help or hurt the lighting local natural. One trick is to place a mirror in such a way that reflects the outside. In this way is transformed into a false window and a light source that is being created fictitiously. In dining rooms with carpets often used to delineate the two spaces. It is desirable that they are in light shades with very fine shots. The favorite fabrics are cotton, wool or natural fibers. The pictures are capturing element and can recreate the light. Place colored paints can improve the lighting of a wall.

Increase light to every local housing

In a dining room with it’s best to place the seating area near the window, allowing light to reach the far side. In the dining room using colored tablecloths, like chairs and dishes. In the kitchen a good choice for more light to open a serving hatch. If the furniture is lacquered in white, bright also contribute to the rebound of his own light. If the kitchen has office , leaving the brightest part of the latter, and also is decorated with light materials such as walls decorated with paper flowers, stripes or small, always in tones.