Because humidity, rainfall, the ice and the cold, the gates of the houses, can fail and often risk encrusted rust .
Rust over to corrode the gates, but can be very annoying, however, there are several tricks and very valid alternatives to eliminate an immediate rust by an iron gate .

iron gate

Although many ignore the descaling properties of this natural acid, in cases where there are piles of rust in the gate of your home, there is nothing better than to use a natural product and running. Fill a bucket with white vinegar, dip a sponge inside and begin to rub the parts where there is more rust. Let the vinegar to act for a whole night and you will see results.

Even the lemon juice, place over the rust of a gate, is able to dissolve and remove residual rust from gates of the house, from the balconies and railings. Simply squeeze a dozen lemons in a bowl and scrape sides and encrusted more annoying act leaving the juice overnight.

The phosphoric acid, is a chemical substance able to calcify the rust from the iron . You’ll have to be very careful to pass the acid on the rusty gate, always doing a lot of attention to the eyes and skin. Spend acid gradually and scraped the rust from your gate. You can find this particular acid even in small amounts in descaling bath.

Even baking soda, mixed with water can become a descaling product, perfect to remove all traces of rust from the iron. You have to do, it is to form a sort of pap dense and rub this mixture with an abrasive sponge over the entire surface crusted and rusted. With this mixture, the rust should leave the first pass, but if you’re not quite satisfied, you can repeat the process several times perhaps adding some lemon juice.

By now, it is known for some time that Coca Cola, is able to completely dissolve the rust from all the surfaces in iron really in no time. Situated just two or three bottles of Coca Cola , a scouring pad or a knife to scrape out the piles of rust on your gate. Let act Coca Cola for about thirty minutes and that’s it.