Globes up or down?

It depends on the use we make of the surface under the chandelier. If it’s a kitchen table on which the children do their homework or that reads the morning paper, it is preferable to use direct lighting, so to choose a chandelier with globes have turned to down. If it is more of a dining room used primarily for family dinners, we can then choose a fixture that diffuses light upward, while providing sufficient lighting (light on feet) elsewhere in the room. The size of the chandelier Some suggest to rely on the size of the room (enclosed space versus open area). Others prefer to rely on the size of the table surface, as desired.

Otherwise, we must also consider the style of decor and style of the table! Find the right height Ideally, the underside of the suspension should reach 30 inches above the table. By cons, this is only a benchmark that varies according to several criteria: the magnitude of people who sit around the table, the height of chairs, the size of the chandelier. For example, if the fixture is very massive, we can afford to set a little higher. If, for cons, it’s a chandelier to look more “airy”, we will then set a little lower than the suggested 30”. Hence the importance of testing before finalizing the height of the chandelier. While one person supports the chandelier, the other assesses, both near and far, the result. Common Mistakes to Avoid. Beware of bulbs beyond.


Carefully measure the shade before buying our bulb and make sure it does not exceed the chandelier, especially when seated at the table. This avoids being blinded by a light too dazzling . besides the result is much nicer! Beware also of lamps placed too low to create a circle of light concentrated in the middle of the table. The importance of the dimmer lighting to shape according to the occasion (family dinner, supper romantic), the dimmer is a handy tool. For fifteen dollars (in the case of an incandescent light . It will provide at least double if he is more of a halogen light), one can adjust the atmosphere according to our moods.