Many people escape the summer heat to cool their homes with air conditioning . While some systems invest in central air conditioning to cool the whole house, others buy units of air conditioning that can be easily installed in the windows of the individual rooms. The time it takes to cool a home depends on a number of elements, such as whether one uses central air conditioners or individual, how potent are the systems and the age of the units. As it pertains to your air conditioning phoenix unit there is no rule of thumb for sizing a system to a home.

Central Air

Most systems, central air conditioning cooling should moderate home, four bedrooms, about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (12 º C) for three hours. This largely depends on a number of factors such as age of the system and the outside temperature. Anyway, the house should receive more remarkable cold in a few hours. Otherwise, there might be something wrong with the air conditioning.

an air conditioner

Single Unit

A single unit can cool a room in less time compared to a unit of air conditioning plant, if the door and all bedroom windows are closed. A relatively small bedroom, 10 by 10 feet (304.8 by 304.8 cm) should be noticeably cooler in 20 minutes, reaching a more comfortable and cooler temperature in about an hour.

Evaporative cooling
Evaporative cooling systems are different, since the air cooled by the evaporation of water, rather than through the vapor compression and absorption cycles of water, as in the most common units for air conditioning . These systems are good for use in hot and dry climates. In comparison with the units of traditional air conditioning cooling systems by evaporation tend to take longer to cool the desired area, as the air cools in spaced cycles. About 15 cycles per hour cooling occur, so that the desired temperature cannot be achieved until a few hours or more, depending on the size of the house.


The time it takes for an air conditioner to cool a house also varies depending on the system power, measured by its Energy Efficiency Rating Season. One of the major influences in the SEER of a system is its age. The typical system occurred in the 1990s has a SEER of 6, while the systems produced in the 2000s, usually have a score of 10. Any system produced after January 23, 2006 has a SEER of 13 or top.

Other factors

A number of other factors affect the time required for an air conditioner to cool a house. These include the age of the house, the insulation and if doors and windows are open. The time it takes for an air conditioner to cool a house also depends on the outside temperature.