Most major appliances will require maintenance or repair at some point during their lifespans. For example, washers and dryers typically last anywhere between 12 and 14 years, but often start needing repairs during the second half of their life. Air conditioning units have a lifespan of 10-15 years, but it is imperative that they be maintained properly throughout those years. Ovens can start making strange electrical noises, lint might start accumulating around the dryer indicating ductwork issues, or your air conditioner may just stop running. At some point, calling a repair technician will likely be necessary in order to keep the appliances in your home working properly.

Previous bad experiences with repair technicians can cause some people to resort to buying a completely new appliance unnecessarily, or trying to fix it themselves. However, both of these things can lead to far greater costs than simply hiring an experienced professional to take a look. If the appliance isn’t close to the end of its lifespan, repair is typically more cost-effective than replacement. Do-It-Yourself efforts can often prove fruitless, or worse, lead to major damage, like the fire that resulted from a Pittsburgh man’s attempt to fix his own furnace. Experienced technicians from local, well-established appliance repair companies are often the best people to go when an appliance breaks. They will be able to correctly diagnose your problem and fix it within a timely manner, leaving you to attend to other matters in your life without the hassle of malfunctioning devices.


There are several factors one must consider before choosing an appliance repair company. The first is the experience and licensing. Find out how many years of experience the average technician in a company has, how well-trained, they are, and whether they are licensed. You do not want an unlicensed repair technician causing more damage to your home, giving you a quote that is inaccurate, or taking up more of your time than necessary due to inefficiency. Seeing whether the company is insured, has a guarantee, and/or can give you a quote up front is a great idea.

Another consideration when choosing a company is whether you want a local business or a large corporation. While larger companies that operate across the country may be able to spend a lot on advertising and inspire familiarity and comfort with their logo or jingle, a local company may better suit your needs and be more committed to doing the job right. Check a company’s reputation in your area specifically. A large corporation’s image may not be affected by an inefficient technician in your area, but a local company has a lot to lose if they do a bad job fixing your appliance, and everything to gain from a positive recommendation from you. Choosing a local business may give you better results, in addition to giving the local economy a boost.

At the end of the day, when the appliance that was supposed to be making your life easier starts giving you trouble – whether it is your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer stove, air conditioner or heater – a call to your local appliance repair company, such as Toronto Refrigeration, maybe your best option. Find one that is licensed and safe, call, describe your problem and let them see how they can help.