On the occasion of the 7th annual “Gardens, Garden” (June 4 to 6 of the Tuileries), tips and trends for even small vegetated surfaces.

This is not because we live in town and we did a little piece of balcony at his disposal, we must forego the happiness of cultivating his garden. Between walls and plant gardens in squares, no shortage of ideas to better organize the space and enjoy a piece of nature to everyone. Just little effort to turn a simple piece of balcony vegetation. Advice abound, initiatives are multiplying to help explain how, at their respective levels, to make its rights to nature. Some planning boards.

Depending on the space:

If your balcony is small, avoid large shrubs or plants, which would interfere with more ventilation: the plants need to breathe, and you do not block any light that enters your room. Instead, opt for low intensive land plants, to plant in pots compact. Alternatively take advantage of vertical surfaces, too often neglected. Your vertical garden can be a simple trellis, against which you will grow a vine (passionflower, jasmine and wisteria bloom and grow easily with the approach of summer).


Moreover, no space is lost, you can put small seasonal flowers at the foot of your climbing. Whatever the surface, you can cover the ground depending on the style you like. The gratings are the best solution: inexpensive, easy to install and maintain. If their width does not fit exactly to your balcony, complete with gravel, stones of your choice, sawdust or pieces of specially coated exterior (some perfectly mimic a soft lawn). The furniture, too, may not be bulky. A small table and two chairs, if you choose a resistant material, will remain outside all year (because with the small outdoor space, often said small space indoors). Also think about lighting. Christmas lights and lanterns and do not actually add some life to your space for cozy evenings.

Depending on the orientation and the seasons

Usual advice is to pass the four seasons before planting anything in order to realize exposure, sunlight, and deliberately choose his plants. To have a basis in all seasons, plants prefer persistent nothing sadder than pristine branches outside his window all winter! That you can decorate with flowers in the spring (to plant in the same pot), or herbs in the summer. In short, a single watchword: the mixture between what flowers and what has beautiful leaves and pleasant scents. Think it is also inside that you will enjoy your balcony. The furniture also should be selected according to these parameters. If you want to leave it outside all year and you avoid the hassle and bulk of the back, prefer the fiberglass, stronger than wood. If you like the simplicity and warmth of the latter, remember to treat your furniture every season to extend its life. In all cases, try where possible to harmonize the pots and furniture (same shades of colors, materials close).

Trends in the jungle

City dwellers are turning increasingly to the outside and take advantage of any space to create a green area and breathing. Where an abundance of new trends that abound in magazines and other shows. From June 4 to 6, for example, do not miss, if you are in Paris, the 7th edition of “Gardens, Garden” held at the Tuileries. This year’s event revolves around the theme “Let’s invent the urban natures.” After the success of “Nature Capital” late May, initiatives, many already, are likely to grow again. Note for example that of the florist (Happy), which throughout the month of June exchange your old plants. it turns into compost against a voucher for € 5.

Two concepts are exploding. The green wall , first. Everyone can make one with its measurement. For lazy, there are even ready panels mounted on wheels, equipped with a sprinkler system integrated with a wide choice of plants. Another trend in the same vein but horizontally, as the garden square (on the model of square foot gardening in New York). Imagine yourself, on your balcony corner, picking your vegetables and fruits. Back to the Garden of Eden!