There are many houses decorated with various types of furniture old. They are purchased by the lovers of a particular style or maybe past inherited from her grandmother and can also be of great economic value . In both circumstances, you must continue to preserve them over time. Try to keep them in perfect condition by following this guide. So here are some helpful tips on how to polish antique furniture in the right way, getting beautiful and lasting results.

antique furniture

First, with a cloth dampened in soapy water, you have to cater to eliminate all traces of dirt, but also dust. Over the years accumulating in various slots and grooves, and if necessary, use a brush with stiff hairs.
Before moving to polishing, remove any stubborn stains. As? Put on a wet sponge a teaspoon of baking soda and a drop of toothpaste. You will get a kind of compound slightly abrasive cleaning, but for this reason, before you do a test in a hidden corner .

Now, if the wood has some areas very dry and worn, pass a sponge repeatedly. In oil straw, leaving him completely penetrate into the fibers. Then, proceed tendentious a veil over the entire surface. Let rest a few hours (if necessary even a whole day) and if necessary, repeat the process. As each track will be gone oily, with a cotton cloth perfectly polished everything, with quick movements and circular. It takes care and patience to polish furniture old !.

Now you can begin to spread a thin layer of wax for furniture, following the advice on the packaging. Let it dry thoroughly and with a woolen cloth made ​​careful polishing: your furniture appear wonderfully, fed and shiny. Do not worry too much if you do not own a few specs away: it will simply be a feature of your old furniture . Finally, a tip: try not to expose furniture to direct light of the sun. It could easily dehydrate and discolor. If your rooms are very sunny, to shield the windows with curtains in light fabric but rather opaque. Also avoid placing it in humidity environments: the wood could easily form bulges and molds.