One of the most relaxing things to do on a sweltering summer day is a swim in a beautiful pool, perhaps with a compelling book to read or a drink to sip. For several years the pool has ceased to be a luxury for the few, now on the market if they are of all types and for all budgets. In order to keep the water clear and fragrant is necessary to carry out simple maintenance operations to cure. This guide will provide the useful tips on hygiene and cleanliness of the pool that will enable our bathrooms to be at any time a real pleasure.

At the beginning of the summer season, or rather, the beginning of the period of use of the pool, after removing the tarp winter clean walls and bottom. Sanitize the filter with a solution of peroxide to eliminate any bacterial formations that may have nested in the filters. A clean pool fills it with water new, check the pH of the water and set it to 7.5.


For the maintenance of pool you can use the manual or the automatic system with control and metering of chlorine and acid. If you prefer the manual method, buy chlorine tablets trivalent possible to prevent the formation of algae and fungi, and at the same time to act as a disinfectant. Each tablet is sufficient for 80 cubes of water and leaves a mass in the skimmer every 7 days. To control the pH of the water and the amount of chlorine right, in trade is set for the appropriate specimen containing two vials, one with a yellow liquid and the other with a red liquid.

Each week, thoroughly clean the pool with mud sucks manually or automatically, continue with the same operation for the pool and take a long cleaning the filter to counter the pool water, and finally clean the pump basket. Always every 7 days, to coincide with the addition of the chlorine tablet, run the sample according to the instructions provided in the package to check the purity of the water is for the chlorine to the PH. When we decide not to use the pool, clean it thoroughly, make a shock chlorination with 15 g / m of water 70 canon granular, place the pH to 7.2 to 7.4 and let the system run for approximately 8 hours. Once stopped the filtration plant, lay a pool cover winter. By following these simple guidelines the pool will be efficient for several years and, in the period of use, from first to last day will keep the water clear and inviting.