This is surely the most impressive because it can totally change the look of your kitchen. You can let your imagination and have fun with wacky designs and asking quite different sizes of tiles. You can choose a good variety of sizes and colors of tiles. You can also harmonize perfectly your counter top and backsplash of the counter (the free part of the wall between the counter top and cabinets). Take measurements of your counter and buy your ceramics with approximately 10% of additional equipment for the losses.

To ensure reaching the desired end result, I advise you to prepare your design by placing your tiles on the counter before gluing to see how they fit on it. This way, you will have the flexibility to make adjustments before gluing it in place. It is important to use a square to draw a line that will allow you to make sure everything is right. If you’re not used to lay ceramic, it is preferable to use small crosses between each tile to ensure a uniform space. You withdraw before asking your grout. To cut the ceramic on the edges of your counter top, it is preferable to use a wet saw for best results (you can rent it in the tool rental centers).


Paste all the tiles (not too thick glue? must make the top right!), and use a spatula with serrated teeth so you can adjust each tile. Remove the cross and wait 12 to 16 hours before applying your grout. Regarding the grout, it is better to put more than enough. Anyway, you then you use a sponge to remove excess. For grouting, you can use a tube similar to the sockets pin or a type of sponge with a handle, specially designed for spreading grout, which allows you to insert the grout into all cracks. When the grout is evenly distributed, remove the excess with a sponge making sure to spread it between each tile but not too far away. You will remove the excess later, or you may remove too much grout.

You have a choice of two grout: an epoxy grout, which is often used for showering and cooking. It is much stronger, but harder to install and more expensive than standard grout. If you choose to use standard grout, you will have no fault then apply a sealer in each slot with a sponge brush to protect it from infiltration water, coffee, juice or cooking oil. This is a very effective stain. However, it is advisable to wait at least two days before applying the sealer. Finally, when everything is dry, take a wet sponge (or cloth) to remove excess grout. Be patient because the grout is sometimes difficult to control. It often takes clean, especially for black grout that is very messy. I wish you luck in achieving your renovations!