In the fall of the natural features in virtually inexhaustible way decorating and craft materials in order to conjure up in your own apartment fairy tale atmosphere.

If on clear autumn days warm orange-golden sunlight delicate dots and lines on leaves and grasses draws and paints elaborate shade structures on roads and winding park paths, nature is at a very rich earthy palette to reddish hues. An extended walk is in romantic, fairy-tale dream world can sink. The fall of us bears witness to the beginning of winter, but at the same time shows us a breathtaking spectacle of the creative power of nature, and it seduces every attentive observer himself to creative work. Very generous of the plant world is extensive material presented for craft work, which can also capture the magic of the season at home.

Sheet arrangements

Bright colorful autumn leaves in different shapes and shades can be collected, pressed into books and then to put together diverse and colorful compositions. It is also recommended, especially perfectly shaped leaves to paint with solid colors and prints on sheets of paper to produce various sizes, greeting cards and greetings cards and invitations.


Mobiles and Garlands

Larger, fallen branches of trees or shrubs can be visually appealing trim mobiles, fixed to the flat ceiling can be decorated with different decorative materials, such as figurines or colorful leaves. Dried seeds of maple trees can be pierced with a thin needle and strung into long and beautiful garlands.

Figures make

Chestnuts, acorns, walnut shells and pine cones are great to work magic with the help of wool, cloth and paper residues, toothpicks, wooden beads and a little glue little funny characters (dwarves, elves, angels, animals). Especially in children such handicrafts are popular, but they can show in this way, how much creative and imaginative potential is hidden in them.

Star and flower pictures

Dry corn and rice grains can be combined with glue and lime seeds to beechnuts round or oval box templates, and assembled into highly decorative star and floral patterns. For example, gaps can be covered with poppy or sesame seeds. The finished works will be fixed with clear lacquer and then either mounted on walls or used as a window picture.

Pumpkin lanterns

Especially popular is it (especially on Halloween), to paint pumpkins in all shapes and colors, to glue and decorate with the imagination have no limits. From simple shapes to small sophisticated masterpieces (such as airplanes, boats, etc.) are available to the designer all the options. Special effects can be achieved also undermined one of the pumpkins and decorative patterns cut into the flesh. In this way can produce natural lanterns, they veil their surroundings in romantic candlelight and already spread Christmas cheer.